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    Default Dark Slug Game: White Knight vs Dark Knight revisited

    Dark Slug Approach: New Agenda

    If you'll remember not too long ago I wrote a fairly weak post on White Knights and Dark Knights but just had an epiphany and now it will be very deep. Tyler Durden said "Become a dark slug to get laid if you have to". So here it is. Seems counter-intuitive and this is untested but will make deployment now and be field tested this year. That will tell me if it is a good theory and or method to keep using for future adventures in PUA land.

    Okay so not field tested but another thread spurred this topic. Basically after dealing with a girl at work and thinking about a hot chick at work who just got knocked up I came up with a conclusion. To lurk more.

    It helped me realize a huge sticking point I have is staying in Set 2-5 min normally. Get in, deliver high tech opener, transition, flirt, get number and get out. Very smooth and easy transaction. However there's something I am missing out on cuz of the slugs infesting all the hot chicks at work. It happens the same way.

    Guy and girl have the same training class. Guy leeches onto girl and follows her everywhere. He never leaves her alone for two seconds for me to hit on her. You would think she would get annoyed and want space and reach to me to be rescued but no these girls are going along with it!?

    Maybe that was my problem trying to get results within 2-5 min while not putting in the work and these girly men were wooing women with Applebee's and Sign Language. I mean for the love of all that is fresh and clean! I worked at Applebee's oh you did. Wanna fark? Cuz one month later she is pregnant from that dude how freaking lame. I am so much cooler than them but maybe my problem is I was trying to be too nice by leaving them all alone. Hey if they want to be bugged here we go! So my new goal is NOT to get in and get out in 5 min. My new goal is to get in and slug my way or White Knight my way with certain chicks like this chick at work. So I'll walk up to her and not give a sh!t about my opener cuz usually I have fancy openers but I'll just save my flash game for Night Spots. For these spots like work and Daygame I am going to become a leech, a giant gaping leech! Ah shoot I think I just found my niche. A lurking White Knight w/careless openers & Slug by day and a Charming Dark Knight w/flash game & fancy openers by night! And you guys said it couldn't be done! Said I didn't "know" what a White Knight was? Well I think I just painted it crystal clear so now I have got my frame. No wonder Club Chicks hate lurkers and no wonder Daygame chicks hate cliche insta closes cuz they ain't congruent son!

    I rejoice in the fact that Daygame chicks love crappy openers (I mean the Applebee's opener douchebag dude is a dad!) and Night Game chicks love fancy openers. So from now on I am going to go out and Field Test my Dark Knight & White Knight theory and we will revisit this in my FR's this Summer! I mean we are not just talking cliche we are talking overboard overly dramatically cliche. Prince Charming at Night and Mr Nice Guy by day yes that's what guys are doing to get laid. They are Bad Boys by night and Nice Guys by day. My problem was I was trying to be a Nice Guy by Night (lurking and gushing to the Bartenders) when I just need to nudge them, ignore them, and flirt with them! Man my game is going to be screaming like a comet come Summer. Boy I spent so much time trying to converse with the Bartender 20 min every night "Nice Guy" but I just needed to let Mr. Hero go and let all my intuitions go at Night and be a short term charmer instead. That gives me 5 min with the Bartenders not 15. That means they will see me as more attractive cuz when the Bar is dead the first few hours I will be ignoring them instead of adoring them and this hopefully should drive them mad.

    Also I got some of the worst shut downs in history for playing the bad boy at work and in stores because they saw me as too aggressive and coming on too strong where as the night spots they cheer that stuff on and get turned on. The overhauled openers and techniques that work wonders at Night sabotage my day as some creepy dude hitting on chicks where if I became a Nice Guy lurker "not asking for their number" right away but actually taking an interest in them and lurking like crazy they see me as harmless. Well isn't that just fantastic I think I just struck gold. Time to go get a silver tongue and test this stuff out!
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    Default Re: Dark Slug Game: White Knight vs Dark Knight revisited

    i'm confused..
    you never explained what the heck dark slug is.

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