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    SpringBreak Guest

    Default How to Recover from ASD...

    ... and bitchshields too.

    I mean, you've traded steamy messages already... or have flirted enough... or have even kissed and what-not and then suddenly, ASD's up and she's cold as a fish but still maintains she likes you. Or wants to take things slow. WTF?

    What do you do? Should you even bother to do anything or just bow out and consider it a bomb?

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    culturedpearls Guest

    Default Re: How to Recover from ASD...

    ASD is closely related to LMR because it's the driving force to that. This is also why I usually let the girl tell me it's time to go, when things are already getting sex heavy, or I only say, "Wanna go someplace more private?" You can't always be blunt and say "Let's get out of here and fark." even if you both know that's what you're going to do 'coz that's sure as hell going to make her think you're taking it for granted that she'll be spreading for you.

    Now, to recover.... if the girl will let you, then just reassure her that you have no problems taking it slow. So go chat but continue escalating still. Continue the seduction but make it like it's her idea you guys are kissing again. And when things are getting hot again, be the one to pull away. Farkin' hard, I know.

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    Pinai Guest

    Default Re: How to Recover from ASD...

    I think this is also why you guys should really work on isolating a girl before attempting any kind of close (number, kiss, sex, etc). Away from our friends, we need not worry as much what they would think. Just a simple, "you're giving him your number?" can be enough to make us feel judged and uncomfy.

    Most girls worth getting to know also have guy friends, so we know the labels guys use on women they/you think are fast. Away from your friends, we need not wonder if they'd tell you we're not wife material and we can both just freely enjoy what happens next.


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