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    JonJeremyPUA Guest

    Default Re: hb10 finally day 2!

    haha bro we know where you are ! Relax and remember that you have nothing to loose and always go into the set with the Mindset that "IT IS ON!"

    "Its a test, shes making you work for her kisses, remember that your the cool brother and that she wants to kiss you! You need to make her work for the reward, that way you dont seem like a wuss and you wont lose all attraction" - Loner

    agreed !! Make her work for it

    "i was so tempted to say "why you dont wanna see me?" but i didnt say that cuz i thought its dumb"

    yea I think everyone gets in the wrong mind frame from time to time...I know that I have been just one click away from sending some STUPID messages that I am SOOO glad that I did not send. My general rule is if I want to text BAD then I automatically wait 1 hr before I text anything. Not only does this give off a non-needy attitude, but also gives me time to see if I REALLY want to say that....yea IMO that would have been a bad move !! I would NEVER reinstate what you don't want her to think. That hints that you think that she doesn't want to see you and that it bothers you.

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    Default Re: hb10 finally day 2!

    okay no im calm. at least now i dont feel like a total AFC looser
    JonJeremyPUA - btw it wasnt texting it was actually phone call so i couldnt make her wait an hour for me to say something bahahah just kidding i get ur point

    Loner- "Its a test, shes making you work for her kisses", i totally see it now. when i think about it, this is so true. k tomorrow, i will go for it, i will be cocky, throw negs, and hope she will love it.. then, normal k-close.

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    Solomon Guest

    Default Re: hb10 finally day 2!

    Maybe you should also get some other social life that you can really be into and tell her about it. So far I think you're doing well but it's not exactly dhv if you're always available in class, to study with, to call, etc. Have something else going on. Let her ask what you've been up to and actually have something to tell her. Even if it's just trying the newest cake shop that opened around the corner.... at least, you'll have somewhere to bring her to when you finally get her alone.

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