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Thread: Messed up day 2

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    TheGuyYouWishUWere Guest

    Default Messed up day 2

    So the weekend is over for me (it lasts till monday here lol) and iīm entering my week with a mixed feeling.

    As for the weekend i was quite pleased with the results, got some new targets and had a great night. But yesterday i had a day 2 with a HB10 that i messed up.

    Usually iīm the one that talks alot and ask alot of questions at the day 2 but this time she talked even more than me and was kind of leading the conversation. I noticed myself starting to qualify and dlv, anyway dates over and wondering whatīs the best line here?

    Forget the HB10 and use it as a lesson?
    Try to recover HV? How?

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    Instinct Guest

    Default Re: Messed up day 2

    Letting her hold the conversation on a date is perfectly ok, and it shows that she wants to connect with you (unless it was nervous chatter, which high social value women dont usually do). How did you dlv yourself. How did the date end (kiss, was she happy, ect..)

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    TheGuyYouWishUWere Guest

    Default Re: Messed up day 2

    It didnīt go THAT bad iīm not used to being the one answering the questions, so i sometimes tried to force my questions into the convo instead of answering hers naturally..

    I dlv myself imo by trying that to hard and also letting her know i was interested in her before she did. Also i believe that i actually told her that i thought she didnīt had a good time which doesnīt really type me as the confident alpha male. I do feel i build alot of comfort with her as the conversation were somewhat deep and personal.

    Also i just thought of the fact that i rushed the day 2 in there, i thought it would be easier buying temperature face 2 face instead of on the phone. Wouldnīt it be a thought for the future to not directly hammer on a second date and leave her wondering when i will ask her and then when i do ask her it will be much easier to dominate the convo?

    The date ended with some dancing, ioiīs and planns for a next date but thatīs it.

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    Typhoon Guest

    Default Re: Messed up day 2

    Errr... I think what's wrong is you didn't seem to be listening as you were bent on squeezing your questions in. And how important were those questions that they have to be those questions and not something you can take off what she's saying? I mean, if you wanted her to be qualifying for you, shouldn't you have just negged her a little on some of the things she's saying, so she'll explain more or defend her stand more, or at least pause and let you voice out your thoughts some more?

    Unless she was so full of it that it was less of a date and more of a venting session...


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