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    Default Love Triangle Falls Apart- The Aftermath

    So I just got done dating two chicks at the same time at work. It was a fun run while it lasted. In the end I pissed one of them off, on purpose. One was a 6 and petting me all the time, the other was a 6.5 and got all butthurt when I told her someone asked about us but I did this because I was mad at her.

    In the end I realized I cannot commit to a GF and I need to go out and date for a while. The first reason being is because one chick I was lunch dating fell for me then stood me up but started texting some other guy so I knew she was playing me. To get back at her I started dating someone else at work and that chick fell for me too. So I told them both what's up.

    In the end I realized why girls don't trust me. Because I am a hot guy they think I just want sex and tell me I can have any girl I want. Upon examining this I understand why I can't be trusted it's because I am a guy who just wants sex to them. No wonder that chick said yes to getting drunk but no to a serious date. Because it is like a curse and chicks don't take me seriously.

    I have this 18yr old who said it's okay that I just want to date other people because she knows I am that type of guy but I guess I didn't realize it. Rumors abound that I just flirt with the pretty girls but if I don't they get mad at me. I guess I know how to wing it now. Girls just want to use me for sex and I guess now that I am freed up I will just do that since my interest level drops so rapidly I should make those pursuits of hooking up since that's what girls expect and that's the way I am always being treated. My love triangle fell apart but it's okay cuz the 18yr wanted to dump her BF for me and said she is waiting on the sidelines as my friend. I friend zoned her though. Back to the bar my only level of acceptance with these women!

    I guess it didn't make sense at first but now it does. I "thought" I wanted a GF which is why I got into the game. But this 18yr is telling me I am not relationship material and the other girl only wanted to hookup not get serious. Then it makes sense why chicks try to hookup with me at the Bar but also have a hard time seriously dating me. I understand my curse better that I cannot get what I want but I can get what I need. I need to get laid and the chicks all at work view me as an unattainable guy which turns them on when I try to hookup but turns them off when I try to be their BF. So I guess now I am officially warmed up for Summer and I got really far with these ones so definite progress was made.

    People didn't believe me that I am NOT a hookup guy but now I finally believe them since I lose interest so fast and even admitted to this girl crushing on me that I might end up hooking up with chicks. She was asking me to commit and I never been asked that so when I told her no it was because I realized I was a PUA and I can't lie to a girl and cheat on her if that's what it came down to. I can't go out without picking up on chicks and when I do they try to hookup so I realize now I have to go out and just hookup. Since that is the frame I am finally accepting.
    When you let go of your feelings you can really then embrace your surroundings
    Love is a game that's why I don't worry about it anymore. When you let go of your feelings you find your meaning.

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    Default Re: Love Triangle Falls Apart- The Aftermath

    its because all you probably did infront of all the other women is flirt. to break that mold you need a girl who seems like she's going stead with you or you can stop flirting so much.
    Every moment counts, get out of your head and enjoy it.

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