This is a follow up on the thread Kiss on First Date Richard La Ruina versus Mystery. It has some lessons on newbie mistakes. this version follows that one, so reading it first would be a good idea.

I followed the advice here, and kept low for about a week. Then send an invitation to a salsa party on facebook. She was thrilled, wrote me a long fb message asking me out today, Friday. It was quite obvious that she wsa interested. Met her at a concert, went on to hand holding, but then lost my nerve. We sat side to side, but her body language was not positive. No steady eye contact. I turned away, crossing my feet away from her, and saying the waitress was cute and I could ask her number. (On reflection, I think this was a mistake) Left the venue to go to another location, arm in arm, talked about relationships etc, but in the end, when we reached the venue I got a phone call, remembered that I had left my scarf at the other venue, rushed to get it, came back. She had send me a text message asking me where I had gone, and she asked everyone there about me. Someone told me that she was joking that every man she is with runs away. When I returned she was leaving, I said I would stay, kissed her twice on the cheeks, I think that she might have kissed me, but then there was no Kino, nothing before, so I did not go for the kiss. She said I could call her out again, but I don t know. This seems to be going nowhere.......any suggestions? Anyway here are the lessons I learnt

1. Escalate quickly, go in for the kiss soon. I should have held her hand and kept the sexual vibe. I did not do it. Must work on inner game.

2. Ignoring works. I thought I had blown it on last date (See earlier post) but ignoring worked.

Let me know if this can be salvaged. Oh, should I apologise for the call? It took me too long, and I did not tell her that I had forgotten the scarf