I am a beginner to the game, but one of my sticking points was conversation, especially on a first date.
Here is what worked for me

The 9 point hook system (Kezia Noble, How to become a Master Seducer in 15 steps)

The 9 hook points are

1.Open questions.

2. Facts. Say, for example if a girl tells you she is from Sweden come up with an interesting fact about the country and follow with Did you know that (I have not tried this one yet)

3.Opinions Be strong. Don t be vague. If it escalates into an argument use the diffusion technique, which is essentially to raise your hand, say stop, then "We ll never agree, so let's stop arguing. I like it that you are a strong woman who is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in."

Don t say you hate something that she loves passionately. Always disagree on neutral topics, like her favorite movie, music, or a place she visited etc. For eg. if she says she loves Paris, then yu say you could never find the attraction. That leads to an emotional Hook Point. Don t disagree with everything she says.


Challenge her intellectually, or challenge her by lightly teasing her.

5. Humor

Important. If she does not get your joke don t be flustered. Lean back, look her straight in the eye, and say "You did not get it, did you?"

6.Story telling. I have adapted this to include revealing my own vulnerability, or talking about moments when you were really frightened. This makes targets get close to you.

You basically follow the TIDE system, which is Timing, Inclusion, Description and Emotions

Timing Speak slowly. Speed up to create drama, pause for effect, slow down to create tension.

Inclusion Add little questions that include her. Say you are talking about Paris, add an yes or no question, such as have you been there? etc, which you can then, after the story use as a lead to continue. So what do you think about Paris? etc

Description Add little details. I was narrating a story about a couple to a target and her eyes widened when I put in details like there was a flower on the table, a dinner for two, stuff like that. the same story to a male friend made his eyes glaze over when details like that were added.

Emotions Use them. If you can add a sad story great. Use emotionally charged words rather than vague ones like cool,nice etc.


Use commanding words like "Tell me...., " "Show me...." then when she gets used to doing stuff, make her put her number into your phone. (I HAVE NOT TRIED IT YET)

8. Validation

Always have high standards and make it clear that she has to live up to them. For example, say "You have nice hair, but you would look sexier if it was (blond to black) etc. There are two kinds. Positive Validation. Say for example she says that she is a doctor, but a general practitioner. So you say "That's interesting. Most people go for the money, but you would like to meet people." So it is like you are ticking boxes for her.

Then you use negative validation. This replaces negs. For example, if she says she likes to holiday in Greece, you turn away as if slightly disappointed. Remember this is after positive validation. So it seems that you were approving but then she turned you off. Turn away, and say something a bit negative like "Oh really?" in a negative way. She should begin qualifying herself. If she does'nt she is not interested. It is basically push pull. You build her up, then bring her down.

9. Assume something about them. In case it is wrong, listen carefully to how she responds. There will be a hook. Take it from there. For example, if she completely disagrees you say "Really. I d have thought that....." with strong eye contact. Then "so why do you.....(here you use what she told you)

So that's it. Hope it works for you guys. It helped me get over my first date conversation block