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    lez999 Guest

    Default URGENT help needed

    So some of you know about this girl that I've been gaming. Anyway things were going well and I closed her. So we were hooking up and eventually I told her that I couldn't date her because I need to date a Jewish girl.

    Long story short she said ok, well nothing can happen between us. Yet we still continue to see each other but supposedly nothing can happen. I kiss her and she doesn't pull away but doesn't kiss me back saying 'We can't do this' (i.e. it will just make it harder that we can't be together). She still wants us to hang out the whole time and is texting me. She stayed at me last night and she was again all over me. But again when I kissed her she kinda kisses me back but then doesn't. She keeps telling me 'we can't.' So she wants us to hook up but I'm not saying/doing the right thing. Help me fellow womanisers, how do I get here to chill out so we carry on fannying around?

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    Solomon Guest

    Default Re: URGENT help needed

    Let me get this straight. You wanna bang her but not date her? Then once and for all, just tell her that. Because if you guys keep hanging around and spending time together, that's just as good as dating, even if she supposedly knows that you guys supposedly can't.

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    the count Guest

    Default Re: URGENT help needed

    she sounds like a basketcase. don't waste your time on her

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    Default Re: URGENT help needed

    Quote Originally Posted by the count View Post
    she sounds like a basketcase. don't waste your time on her
    no way, TS sounds like a basketcase!!! why would you tell her you dont want to date her because you have other girl? You farked up, you have to say that AFTER your Fclose her. Instead you made her feel insecure, you made her feel less in your eyes compared to the jew girl. ohhh shes going to tease you to hell and back and you know how us men dont like teasing.

    suggestion: tell her you feel great with her and you were wrong and the jew girl is nothing compared to her in terms of fun. Now be CAREFUL this is BF/GF zone right there. As soon as you Fclose wait a couple days and tell her its going too fast or tell her you feel confused..... and another lay may help you clear your mind
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