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    Catacomb Kid Guest

    Default Question about lairs

    I just found out I have a lair in my city here and I have been trying to get out and meet these guys. Anybody have any advice on lairs. Some ?s i have are:

    Whats the lair's opinion on AFC's?
    Is there anything I should watch out for? I doubt there will be hazing but I am putting myself out there a bit and I really dont wanna get screwed over.
    If anyone has joined a lair, what should I do as a noob to get the best experience out of it?
    I have about half a year till I am twenty-one... Should I expect to be left behind often (being most bars and clubs are 21+?
    Mainly, I am just interested in your guy's opinion on lairs.

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    Default Re: Question about lairs

    Grow a set. Go check it out. If they are a bunch of douche-tards, then find a wing yourself. If they are chill - hang out with them and learn.

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