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    Default The Leapfrog Effect

    I've got a great secret to share with you. I call it "The Leapfrog Effect". And here it is: Once you have a great woman in your life, your focus and execution when it comes to what represents your MAJOR LIFE PURPOSE is about to EXPONENTIALLY INCREASE. So actually, your life purpose doesn't really happen independently from having a woman in your life, but in fact is AMPLIFIED by her presence. How's that for a mind blower?

    Here's what I mean. After my divorce in 2002, I turned my attention to getting better with women. But the REST of my life was a MESS. I won't lie to you. My physical fitness suffered, my relationships with friends suffered, even my career suffered. But I accomplished the goal of getting a great woman in my life, dating lots of women and continuously "raising the bar"...right up until I met Emily.

    But once I selected my "100 out of 100", THAT'S when I entered the latest (and current) stage of my life. Today I wake up in the morning changing more lives for the better than I ever have. My work is more fulfilling, and my sense of meaning clearer than ever also.

    You see, when you recognize that it's time to get your level of success with women where it needs to be, it's REALLY easy to think that the be all/end all is having a great woman-especially having read some of the sales pitches out there. I mean, some of them would have you think that getting ANY woman would be the "be all/end all".

    But here's the reality: Once she's THERE, you then move on to GREATER accomplishments with her as your cheerleader. So it's like if you've barely had time to bask in the glory of getting a great woman in your life, when you realize that the true gift goes WAY, WAY beyond that.

    YES...she most certainly fulfills upon what only a great woman uniquely can. In the bedroom, outside of the bedroom, EVERYWHERE. She is the jewel in your crown as King Of All You Survey. No "greener grass" elsewhere. Ever. That box is checked off...permanently.

    And having a great woman in your life means PARTNERSHIP. Like I said, she's your cheerleader. A great woman supports a great man in his dreams, and believes in his leadership. This propels you to GREATNESS. You are empowered by that woman's utter belief in you, even as you dare not breach the trust inspired by your leadership as a man of character. Her inspiration is the fuel that feeds the engine of your ambition. And, of course, the greater the woman, the higher-octane the fuel.

    End up "settling" for a woman who thinks "all men are dogs", and you might as well fill your tank with tap water. If she's the "jealous type", afraid of success or out to make your life miserable in some other way; pour a pound of sugar in the tank with the tap water. If you don't happen to be a "car guy", let's just say "don't try that at home".

    So yes...getting a great woman in your life is an amazing feat of accomplishment. And make no mistake, it is exactly that. But in doing so, you "leapfrog" WAY AHEAD of where you'd be in just about any aspect of life without her. And you "leapfrog" WAY AHEAD of other guys who don't yet have that partnership. It happens at work, on the basketball court, and even in LIFE EXPECTANCY. Statistics prove that happily married guys LIVE LONGER.

    Now listen up. I'm not telling you any of this to bum you out if you haven't found a great woman just yet. Quite the opposite, in fact. I want to ENCOURAGE you that the goal you're looking at isn't only REACHABLE, but that the STAKES ARE BIGGER than you perhaps have ever imagined. In short, this is SO WORTH GETTING RIGHT because "The Leapfrog Effect" is SO PROFOUND as to affect every single corner of your life.

    Learn more here: X&Y
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    Solomon Guest

    Default Re: The Leapfrog Effect

    Wow Bill, I am happy for you for having found her already... and yeah, maybe a little envious that am still on my journey to finding mine. But no complaints here. It will happen when we're both ready. Meanwhile, I have much to improve on and learn.

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