It's have been six months since I read a book called Sex Beast The Awaken.
Well~ it's about how to awaken the sex beast within you, but I am not going to talk about today.

Today, I want to talk about attraction.

I still remember Diophantus Grey (author of that book) say ATTAINABILITY is all when it comes to attract women, not high value.

I doubt about that when I read it.

But recently, or more accurately this few days, I have a whole new inspiration about this.

I am currently stay in a place where that's no much attractive women but do have some really High Quality women - that means HB 9 & 10.

Well~ things go weird when I move to this place, because it's feel like I am not that a attractive man like I used to be.

As I used to attract women left & right. But here, I just don't seem that attractive. Yes, most women I meet are not that attractive here, most of them between 4-6 only.

But when I meet the HB 9 & 10, I get very obvious approach invitation from them and sure I did take the action.

And these happen to me about 4 times in these three days.

I suddenly realize that yes, I am still an attractive man, but I am unattainable to those women who are not that attractive. That's why those women 'reject' me and trying to pull down my value (so I am attainable).

Moral of this story? When you become a much attractive man than you used to be (let's say you become 9 or 10), you will hardly attract those women who are not attractive as you (girls below 8); but you will have an supremen easy time to attract women who are as attractive as you (HB 8-10).

Attainability is all when it comes to attraction, at least a very big part of it.

So work on yourself to become a suave, sexy , hot man while improve your game at the same time; having the most amazing women in the world will soon become a reality to you.

P.S. Any comment or thought about attainability is welcome. I love to dig deeper about this too. Thanks