When it comes to pick up, every guru has their own system or step-by-step blueprint to pick up a girl. I am no any guru; I am just a man who’s highly indulged in seducing women (since I am six months old).

Today I am just in mood to share my view on pick up and probably because of my enormous experience with beautiful women, my friends always told me that I can see what’s behind the scene, see the truth of pick up… I hope so

Let’s begin with ask yourself two question:
1. What is pick up girls?
2. What is your primary goal in pick up girls?

I believe you have all sort of answer in your mind but let me share my simple & straightforward answer with you guys.

1. Pick up girls is as simple as meet a girl, persuade her to leave with you and have sex with you.
2. Your primary goal in pick up is have sex with that girl as soon as possible.

Yes, that means you don’t need to keep entertain her or humor her. No number-close or kiss-close, only f-close.

You have to realize that many things you had done so far are actually distract yourself from your succeed with women. You are sabotaging yourself by following ineffective, vanilla advice. You should definitely drop-by my blog to check out my controversy yet highly effective advice on pick up girls.

Keep these two answers in mind when you go pick up girls and see how these simple change of definition & goal will impact your result with girls.

Now as we are on the same line, you will have a better understanding of these 4 steps of pick up girls:
1. Approach a girl
2. Bonding/ Build Rapport/ Build comfort with her
3. Isolate her
4. Escalate to sex

Yes, it’s as simples as that. I like to keep things simple & effective so that even though I am not in a good mood to pick up girls that day; I will still able to have a good night by following a solid process.
Let me elaborate each of these a little.

Approach is where you engage a girl, either in a conversation, in a dance or just pure body language & facial expression (when you are in a loud club). Personally, I prefer opener – sincerely compliment on her & introduce myself. As direct opener will let me quickly find out if that girl is interested on me. If she does, I can quickly steer the interaction into a sexual one with direct opener.

Bonding is where you make her comfortable to be with you. With great conversation skills, you can find out more things about a girl in an hour than her 10 years friends. The key here is encouraging her to talk. Yes, you don’t need to remember any exotic story; but it’s best that you have a little insider knowledge in variety of topics so you can relate to her. The more she talks (in a positive, constructive way), the more she feels good about herself (and this good feeling attached to your presence) and the more comfortable she will be around you (because she think you ‘get’ her).

Isolate Her
The apes sizing up each other quickly & find a private place to mate. Human mating is actually not much difference; but because of the social rules & pressure on us (especially women), we have to do it a little difference.

Girls like that you are giving them a plausible deniability to go somewhere private with you; so that when their friends ask, they can say, “it’s just happen.” That’s how women maintain their social reputation and any social savvy man know this and will take all the responsibility of hooking up with her.

When you want to isolate a girl, just be persistent & give her a plausible deniability. If she wants to go along with you, she will. Sometimes she just wants you to persist a bit so she won’t look easy to you.

Escalate to Sex
When she’s in a private place with you, that’s the time you can escalate all the way to sex. That usually will have two situations here: one is she’s on already; another one is she’s not fully on yet.

When she’s on already, all you need to do is get ‘on’ with it.
When she’s not fully on yet, then you have some works to do. I do recommend a book named <Sex Beast The Awaken> for how to escalate to sex. There are a lot of details in that book and I am sure you will
improve your chance to close the deal Big time after reading this book.

(I am sorry that I am too lazy to write out all the details to escalate to sex; just grab that book man. Haha )

So that’s it for the steps of pick up girls.

I only laid out some basics here, nothing too deep. One thing I find out is no matter what blueprint or system by any guru, it will be more or less similar to these 4 steps!

If you have any question or comment, feel free to reply to this thread or find me at my blog.

Thanks for your precious time