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    Exclamation Cold to (sort of) warm?

    So I started talking to this HB9 and the convo started off pretty cold but now it got a bit better.. and I dont know where to go from here. Help me out please
    This is how it went:

    Me: so you accepted my friend request but never said hi! Are you actually shy? Haha
    Her: i dont send message first lol
    Me: lmao why not?
    Her: I just don't. Im used to guys talking to me first
    Me:Oh really.. I cant see why there were enough guys starting convos with you to make you so used to it haha
    Her: And I see that you need new glasses
    Me: Well its not like I could see if you were acool girl through your profile lol
    Her: well too bad for you cause I can tell your personality just by looking at your face. It actually screams im a geek guy but I act bad ass to make girls think im cool but in reality im not lol
    Me:HAHAHA youre a feisty one! And yeah I am geeky, who cares! Also I dont really care if you think im cool or not lmao. Know what I like about you? You seem like one of those girls that could take care of themselves in a cage fight
    Her: You know what I like about you? You admitted that you like something about me lol.

    Alright so youre probably reading this thinking wtf is this guy saying.. trust me I had no idea what I was doing, was just giving it a go cos shes so fking hot.
    Anyways as you can see, that last bit got a little better but I have NO IDEA what to say now.. thoughts?

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    Default Re: Cold to (sort of) warm?

    you have no chance with this girl as a lover.

    Friend? probably.

    time to change your appearance dude

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