There are routines that supposedly will get you x results and you try them and you bomb. Even this board, no matter how helpful, will intimidate and overwhelm. Where do you start? What's next? What went wrong? And when do I stop being a PUAIT?

The thing that I am realizing is this: baby steps is really the only way to go. It's been said several times in several ways here but I will say it again, you don't become a PUA overnight. Or over a year. You master one thing at a time. You improve one aspect of you at a time. And reading Legend's post about "achieving results in your life long-term" brought this home all the more.

Indeed, the key is "persistent long-term action"... something you tried, you actually learn that it becomes a habit... it becomes you. This is big, you guys, because even the best of us gets impatient or too cocky for his own good. And when we start seeing results, we sometimes stop learning so our game gets stale.

Now, I have generally mastered my Approach Anxiety but I sometimes still lack a definitive goal. Half the time, I also start worrying about escalating when I'm not yet having the conversation I should be having.

I am competent but not yet consistent. Thus, it is back to the drawing board for me.