Seizing the window
A previous poster about "I am Poor" reminded me of a great point I forgot to bring up as of late. I have 3-4 GF's I lost count. But I don't like them and this is to say they never stop calling and texting. I have high standards like I said and usually I only go for 8's or better. So am HB9 strolled in today in a Red Mercedes and I am glad I acted in the window she gave me.

Wherever you are wether Bar, Club, Work, Daygame you will sometimes with an HB have what I call a small window. It's like a looking glass. Like RSD after a while you start to pick up on patterns. I noticed this pattern and am starting to learn to deal with it. Sometimes it will be a quick 5 seconds or sometimes a back breaking 5 minutes. That is to say the window. A girl says hi to me, calls me hot, eyes me hard, sits down in proximity with open body language in isolation, dances with me, eyes me for a kiss, asks me if I am going home alone, asks me what I am doing later, gives me time to impress her, etc . There are these windows and sometimes it is when I am walking down the street, having some girl complimenting my bracelet, girls in the line snickering at each other, girls sitting near me with open body language and eye contact, girls who talk to me, holler at me, open up to me. These are the times I am going to work on perfecting my technique since it is so random and difficult, but if I lose the window they never come back and if I barrel through it I am staying alive longer.

I closed on a window today on the 9 at work and she was smiling as she left looked like she got what she wanted. Regardless of outcome I am comfortable in talking to her again since I already broke the ice . However had I remained silent I feel she would have written me off. Seen it so many times. The Buckle chick's window was "sooooo....." Extending the interaction into me having the floor but I talked like an AFC throwing random things together like a blockhead. But not today me and HB9 had a nice smooth flow since I didn't try too hard. I will look for more windows but that is my next goal to recognize windows and utilize them as momentum.

To say the least I hate losing those windows and when I fail to act in the window and run back they always say no. But they are open to anything in the window it just only happens once and it is the fitness test to see if this guy is getting any stock put into him by the girl. Seen it happen too many times to not start going after the windows. When I am all action there are few windows but when I am more relaxed and less try hard they pop up a lot so gotta get ready for anything.