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Thread: The Friend Zone

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    Ambition Guest

    Default The Friend Zone

    Hey guys, just a simple question. If you get in the friend zone with a chick, either one you just met or one you've been friends with for a while, is there a strategy to get past that? Just trying to decide if/how I should proceed.

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    djAndarial Guest

    Default Re: The Friend Zone

    Decide for yourself, Do you want to get past being just friends with her?

    If no then you have a friend Congrats.

    If you do, which is totally natural, you are not a woman are you? Then follow these simple steps.

    1. Stop being as available

    2. Stop texting / Calling every single day

    3. Say you met someone

    4. Keep this up for a week or so

    5. Fake a break up / get her to a meet and talk about relationships using value elicitation anchoring if you know how (self point works wonders)

    6. If you choose not to do the breakup, just say it didn't work out, but do not go back to "the friend"

    7. Change your attitude from her friend to a past lover, make her notice you as something that could be, comment in sexual innuendo very subtle but discrete.

    8. Change something about yourself, see if she notices. If she does make a statement "great... but why is it just the bad girls that are secretly attracted to me and want me that notice.....) ...Very important, if you say this while looking as if take a strong stance chin up as if superman arms at angles to hips... Makes a good impression.

    For the record, yes I do this. It takes practice, but it is very effective.

    Over all, If you are not wanting to be "the friend" come clean and tell her but as a man on your terms.

    "Hey Susie, I value our friendship, giving the time we have spent together I would rather have a go as more than just a friend, I hope you can understand"

    Now the above is far outside the normal tricks gimmicks and games most are taught, but it is real. Real men, say real things.

    By saying this, you are taking one of the old school openers "Can you break up with friends" and you are applying it.

    You are breaking up with her, now if she felt anything or really liked you as a friend, she will do something. If not, some times it is better just move on and save your energy.

    Of course if you see her again, be very kind and treat her like a little sister, not as a equal showing you have grown as a person and she is the one still playing games...

    Builds confidence, and it puts the penis on a pedistol. *(spelling on that?)

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