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    Default Night game - In da club

    I went to a club some days ago with some friends of mine to practice my night game, in a place I'm not a regular. It was kinda a disco music night, perfect place to dance, but with a lot of AFCs.I will briefly describe the steps:

    1)Settle - picking the place to be, it's important if you have space to move and watch people

    2)Scan - I was watching for IOIs, behavior patterns, groups of people and possible things to do(I will describe later what I mean by that)

    3)Have fun - So simple, that's what you got to do in these places, people go there to have fun, not talk about their personal problems

    4)Approach - VERY EASY

    So we picked a nice spot next to the dancing scene, where about 1-2 people were dancing, even though the place had about 30 people inside(it was about 02:00 am with a percentage of 70% girls, but very "bitchy" and isolated in groups). I grabbed a beer and started thinking of what I could do in order to get social proof. After a while I noticed some balloons in different shapes and there was a 2 meter long crocodile balloon near the dancing stage and I thought "oh yeah!". I just went and grabbed it, got back to my friends and they were like "Wtf?". I immediately started dancing with the balloon and some of my friends joined in, more people came on the dancing stage and some of them grabbed balloons in different shapes and started dancing in a balloon frenzy!

    I went over to a couple of girls(HB 7+6) telling them
    "A friend of mine would like to dance with you"
    "Who is he?" they asked
    "That's him!" and I gave them the crocodile balloon, they laughed and I started dancing with them!
    The crocodile had arms so we started dancing like a chain with some people over there and yeah that was a good way to approach girls in a funny way.

    The club was noisy and I couldn't hear a thing, not a really good place to have a conversation. Just go, have fun, no cheesy lines and if you get ioi go for it!

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    Default Re: Night game - In da club

    Lol I like the fun and creative opener. It's good to set up "base" in an area with high traffic sometimes. I like to open a random set in that area that seems friendly so I always have a set to go back to in between sets or use them as social proof.
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