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    Default What Would You Do In This Situation?

    I want to share something that happened to me with you guys. Maybe you guys can get something useful out of this situation and perhaps tell me what you may have done in this situation.

    I'm working in my shop today demonstrating some magic tricks for this group of 5 (3 females, 2 males) that came in. I'll spare you all the individual conversation but this is basically what happened:

    I showed them some tricks, maintained my frame, stayed in control, made them laugh, flirted with the target, and won over the whole group.

    We talked a little bit (they were the only ones in the store) ... turns out they're visiting the area for the day. I told them we could hang out when I got off work. They talked about going to a local restaurant later. I told them, I didn't like that place. The target followed up by saying she didn't like it either. I said "No problem, you guys go to that place, -target- and I will go somewhere else."

    Anyway, we talked a little bit more and before they left I took a pen and a business card and handed it to the target and told her to write her number down. Her friends begged her to comply. She did. In fact, one of her friends even went as far as to rewrite her number to make sure I could read it.

    I text her a bit later and tell her we are going to hang out this evening. She replied "My friends are funny, but I'm spoken for." I said "It's okay. We can still hang out." Then, I believe the phone starts getting passed around because I'm getting text messages signed with the names of her friends. The conversation is something along the lines of they want me to text them when I'm off work so we can hang out. I get another message "-target name- does not condone this."

    Long story short; I get a text that says:
    "She really doesn't condone something like this. We thought it would be cool to hang out with you, but she is uncomfortable with one on one time."

    I reply:
    "That's not what I was suggesting anyway. I don't want -target name- to be uncomfortable so maybe we can hang out another time."

    I mean, I could easily go hang out with them and it would probably be fun. But, honestly, I don't want to. I don't know. It was a fun conversation/experience but I don't think it's worth my time to try and follow up. Especially on such a strict time constraint since they are leaving tonight. Part of me feels like I shouldn't have given up so easily. ... What would you guys do?

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    Default Re: What Would You Do In This Situation?

    You can invite her out to a public social gathering where you can game normally without being in a professional setting. That way you can build comfort with the friends and attraction with the girl so you can Isolate her.
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