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    Default stealth vision for picking up women

    I was playing a video game the other day called "Splinter Cell." The main character is a spy who has a ton of cool gadgets at his disposal, and two of the most handy are his night vision, and heat vision goggles.

    When he flips on heat vision, for example, the shapes he sees are red if they're hot, blue if they're cold, etc. It's a great way to see body heat and tell where the bad guys are.

    So I was thinking about this in the context of women, and how it can help you get more of them

    One of the biggest differences between when I was struggling with pickup, and where I am now, is that I "see" a lot more going on when I'm out in the field.

    In fact, if a guy CAN'T develop this ability, he could spend years working on the wrong stuff. I've met guys who've been at it for four or five years, and are still working on their lines. Why? They don't see the field the way I do.

    So I want to give you a shortcut today.

    This comes straight from my friend Nick's Ignite The Night program, and it's important stuff, so pay close attention.

    When you're talking with a woman, there are four "layers" to every interaction.

    Some women are cold, some women are hot. It has nothing to do with their physical appearance, and everything to do with how OPEN they are to talking to you. So for example, a girl who's really cool can warm up if a guy cracks a joke, if she has a drink or two, or if she likes the song that's on. This is why I never think of girls as "bitchy", I just think of them on a temperature scale, and the colder ones need more warming up.

    Some conversations are really casual, and some are intimate. In between those are vibes like fun, flirty and deep. Being able to vibe with a girl where she's at is a critical skill, and if you're too in your own head, you won't be able to feel what she's feeling.

    Are you stiff when you're talking to a woman? She'll probably be stiff in response. But if you're too jumpy, you can put her off. You've got to be able to be "fluid" - comfortable, sexy, and flowing -
    without being all over the place.

    You can have a topical conversation (topics like sports, travel, whatever), a personal conversation (talking about her opinions and preferences or yours) or an interpersonal conversation (talking about the two of you together). It's important that you be able to do all three, and the faster you can make it interpersonal - without being weird about it - the better.

    Now, this is a lot to consciously process, and no one I know thinks about all this stuff at once. You need to learn it, then go put it into practice.

    But if you think about it, being "natural" means being able to read an interaction, know what a woman is feeling, and how you can excite and arouse her even more. When I learned this stuff and really
    internalized it, I started dating REALLY hot women because they could just tell that I got them, and I could skip past a lot of the bs.

    So a few thoughts...

    1. Please reply to this post and let me know if have you experienced these things before?

    2. Do you see how knowing this stuff well would help you do better in the future?

    2. This was just the tip of the iceberg. If you really want to learn this stuff then you have to get Ignite The Night. We go into a LOT more depth on how to read an interaction so that you're always one
    step ahead of a hot woman, and you're never fumbling for words or wondering "what should I do next?"

    You can learn more about that here: PUA Forums Presents | Ignite The Night

    And I highly advise you do so.

    Hope you enjoyed learning about this stuff. No one ever talks about it but it's SO important, and I don't want you to miss out on it and spend another five years reading material. So let's get you onboard, and let's get some women in your bed, because then YOU'LL be writing back to me with insights like this one

    Bill Preston
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