Here are a few things that you should be working on constantly if you have a problem with your self-confidence or are looking for tips to be more intriguing to people.

Smile. A lot. Smile at people you know. Smile at people you don't know. If you find yourself not smiling, think about something funny that happened or something that will make you smile. If you smile, other people smile. Instant fun.

Eye contact. Basically, the same as smiling. Maintaining strong eye contact is sooo important and it does so many things. It demonstrates confidence, dominance, and can also be perceived as an ioi. ... to name a few. So do it ... with everyone.

Be yourself. Be honest. Don't be afraid to disagree with people and share your opinion. Most guys are scared to disagree with girls because they think it lowers their chances of success. However, it actually lowers your chances. By being honest with yourself and others you will seem more genuine and that is more attractive.

All of this leads the most important thing:

Control the frame. You'll become the guy that people want to talk to about things because you'll be leading the conversations and you're not just another guy who agrees with everything they say. You choose what happens. Don't be talked into doing something. Make them work for what they want. Know your standards. Say "No."

A few quick and dirty examples to give you the idea;

"Can you show me the trick where ..."
I ignore the question all together and move on and show them something else.
*give a compliance test ... if they comply - show them the trick they want to see*

"How did you do that?"
"Can you keep a secret? So can I."
"A professional never reveals the secret ... for free."

The ever classic:
"How old are you?"
"How old do I look?"

"Can you take a picture of us?"
"Possibly. You'll need to take a picture with me first."

"Will you save my seat for me?"
"Okay but you have exactly 5 minutes and 23 seconds before it goes up for auction. Better hurry back."

Say what's on your mind! Have standards. This gets said a lot but it's so true. Now, there is a fine line between being an asshole and being in control. The more rep you have built with a group of people, the more you can get away with ... my belief is you shouldn't say something to intentionally offend someone but sometimes you will say something that does offend people. Don't apologize. Why would you apologize for something you meant to say? If you don't mean it, don't say it. Again ... there are exceptions and there is a playful balance. But ... this is a good rule of thumb. Just be smart. Here is an example:

"So, your friends let you walk out of the house with your hair like that? Some friends."

-this is kind of an assholish thing to say and maybe I should have worded it differently. But I said it. How do I maintain frame without backing down?-

"Hey ... it happens. Don't worry about it. We all have bad hair days. I once had a meeting that I went to and I was dressed like Elton John ... you know: big feather hat and huge glasses. shiny jacket. I thought it would be funny. It sounded good in my head but my brain is not always my best ally. I also thought that my friends would tell me, 'Hey, Dude, you're not going to a meeting dressed like that are you?' ... but they didn't, so I had to."

This is a funny story that relieves the tension ... and I didn't have to apologize.

Be in the center of the group! Position yourself in the middle of the group and lead conversations. But - you don't always have to be the one talking ... in fact it's better if you're doing more listening than talking. However, you should still be leading. example:

"Tiffany, hold that thought for a minute, Hon. Andrea here was saying something a minute ago about the concert she went to last week. How did that go?"

"Okay ... woah woah woah ... I can't listen to all of you at once. Let's start with you, Sarah. Then we'll go around the table."

"Get out of here! Really? That's insane! Hey, Amy, what do you think about what Kelly just said?"

I'm sure there is much more that could be discussed on this topic, but this should get you started. The fact is, if you can be a leader, then people will follow you. GIRLS will follow you. Actually, they will chase you. Do it. Post your success.