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Thread: The Needy AFC Guy vs The Aloof Indifferent Guy

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    Default The Needy AFC Guy vs The Aloof Indifferent Guy

    The Needy Guy-
    So I have come a long way from being the needy guy who chased girls like crazy to the guy I am today learning to let girls chase me.

    It's all about Mojo for sure. I see it so constantly with a million guys posting needy stuff on hot chick's status. Or something simple like dude trying to work on a chick at work I am working on and he goes overboard grabbing her chair and bouncing on it calling her a douchebag while being overly enthusiastic.

    I take the lower road and usually pretty chill but try to go for a spike of intense enthusiasm when the moment is right. It usually gets them pinging like crazy cuz it happens so rarely. Then I extreme lows of not caring and being indifferent and they even laugh at that. So me and me new work GF were chilling in her car and holding hands. Talking pretty in depth too but she blurted out about something he did before and it pissed her off.

    Then when I took off cuz everybody was cockblocking me she tested me and sent me a text "So I heard...." Obviously testing me if I was lying or not and tricked me into coming back to work. Amazing how she tries to play hard to get and I walk away from it only to have her fall into my lap like that? Yeah it was nonstop flirt session 101. Opened up shop.

    But it has not always been this way. This is my most recent exploit but I am getting so good at it, it's less work to go out since I have so many hanging on as is. If you remember I used to struggle like crazy at work because of Oneitis, neediness and things like that but now my bosses literally have become my intercessors because they feel I am this way with women just able to make things happen.

    Granted I think going out and doing Pick Up is what helped me so much. Because I got so many chicks on standby I am far less needy therefore more present.

    When you look at it and I mean really look at it I had a very bad habit of over-pursuing girls after meeting them. That first week I would bombard their phones with a flood of text messages and a ton of phone calls before finally caving in due to insecurity.

    Well something is about to give since now I am becoming more aloof and decided to text less and get more. I decided to let the ladies chase me yes me. I decided do a couple texts with my hookup/dating method and shooting for a response then blowing them off till it happens. This way I don't get rejected in the afterglow before the date.

    It has happened far too many times of me getting needy when the dating vibes because I was trying too hard. So I took it to the next level that 18yr old taught me a lot. She texted me 2 months strait literally EVERY single day it was the most annoying thing ever so I decided I now know how those other chicks felt who I did that to. They felt sick.

    So instead of 7-10 texts and 3 calls later to get a response (yes sometimes it took this many) want to cut that down to about 2-3 texts and 1 call. But they will be very well placed is my thing.

    For instance it took me 7 text and 2 calls to get a hit out of a couple of chick from the Bar last year. But lately? 1 text and just sat there for maybe...12 hours BOOM. Date set and everything and she added me on FB on her own felt pretty dang good for an HB9.

    Because I am learning the texting methods are dating/joking/hookup I am deploying it more liberally and got both these girls pinging from me right away. Then I just disappear and wait for THEM to hit me up. I do this cuz the 18yr old always hit me up so I will be trying to let the girls chase me for now since I just broke up with one girl through another girl on FB to only end up blocking 3 chicks who won't leave me alone. Yes it got that bad because my Mojo got better. Because of all this Pick Up chicks at work were ripping each other's throats and ripping mine when I broke up with them.

    So the needy guy never quite grasps this concept of spinning plates since he is always stuck on Oneitis and chasing that one girl away the cycle just repeats itself. But because I stopped doing that I became more versatile. But the needy guy doesn't get this since he focuses on the one girl while I focus on getting better. By simply not chasing I got a girl to follow me around and flip some guy off who was pursuing her cuz she just wouldn't leave me alone and I just sat by myself but because I played the non-needy card I came out ahead. I just wait for them to hit me up and I hit them up for only a specific goal such as dating/hookup/joke method. More to come but I am slowly breaking out of my shell here.
    When you let go of your feelings you can really then embrace your surroundings
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    Default Re: The Needy AFC Guy vs The Aloof Indifferent Guy

    I can relate here man.
    All PUA boys here have their story, we all were all needy AFCs in the beggining.
    But the point is not only to improve with women, but to improve oneself.

    Getting good with women and reomoving pre-AFC stuff is only a spicy ingredient to the soup.

    But I must ask whay is it that some of us are needy? I think its because we cant the sex badly, or lack of experience.

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    Default Re: The Needy AFC Guy vs The Aloof Indifferent Guy

    That's awesome man. I remember getting that revelation on how to let the girls chase me and do most of the work. It's really interesting when you experience it and it just becomes better after that.

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