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Thread: Neg vs Tease

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    Default Neg vs Tease

    I want my interactions to be fun/playful. I dont want to build attraction by bring anybody down.

    I hear many pua's these days prefer teasing instead of negs, but it seems like negs are a component of teasing.

    How should I tease playfully without using negs?

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    Default Re: Neg vs Tease

    One of the best ways is to react quickly to a girl when she says something erratic, weird or stupid. For example she might say something wrong about geography or miss-interpret something you said and in response you tease her 'what?? Are you crazy? Poland is not in South America!!'. Or she accidentally trips while walking you could tease her 'did you need a wheelchair?'. Maybe you don't have to say anything at all, just look at her in a dissaproving scolding 'face palm' attitude. Or perhaps be sarcastic 'You suck! ' or 'Hey nerd'. Make it playful and humouress.

    You don't have to tease or neg much actually. Ive found you only need to do it a little to show she is not completely in control of everything and balance it against your other affectionate actions. Also observe how women tease men. I've often used exact lines a women has used on me and it works a treat. Guys who neg too much are just being insecure - they are not reacting with wisdom, humour or creativity but revealing negative things they don't like about themselves deep down.

    I never neg a girl on physical appearence, her friends or family. I might tease her about her fashion or hobbies 'Oh nice bracelets (Kino her hand and arm)...but what the hell is this pink thing - Looks like a my little pony bangle - right, I can't be seen with you, I'm leaving (start getting up to walk away)'. Be somewhat of an actor. As I said before the best results I've often experienced come from having a quick come back or reaction to something she has said because that demonstrates your sharp intelligence and wit. Especially if it's a sh!t test. Then you win the double whammy - you pass her test and tease her back down in the same moment. Its better to have some rapport and attraction before teasing, although it can be done even as an opener as long as you are confident and they can see the playfullness it in. You just want to get them blushing and their heart racing a bit with innocent embarassment - not make them mad.

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