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    Default Daygame Practice

    Hey Fellas,

    Today I did my first day game approach in a while and I must say it went just fine. No N close or anything, but I did achieve my goal of overcoming aa. I used an opener from the ultimate guide, the "Dental Floss" one and I got a laugh. She began explaining her opinion and I said "I take her word for it because she had a nice smile, so she obviously knew what she was talking about"

    My question lies in the transition to building attraction. There is no doubt that a funny and random opener gets a laugh, thus relaxing both myself and my target, but how does this transition into a legitimate pickup? The girl was amused but once she saw it wasn't going anywhere she gave me the "have a nice day".

    I'm committed to mastering day game and am looking forward to any suggestions or critiques you guys have. Let me have it!


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    Default Re: Daygame Practice

    You have to learn to lead the interaction & be bold.
    The most successful technique I've learned is to treat a girl like you would one of your best buds.

    That means, tease her, razz her, bust on her, use sarcasm (playfully). Basically, be different from every other guy out there.

    Girls DO have a sense of humor. Well, MOST of them anyway... and the ones that don't? Skip them & move on; those types are too much drama.

    Quality women understand humor & can take a joke.
    That doesn't mean you have to be a clown, but a quick wit & sharp sense of humor will take you far.

    You don't need "openers" or "transitions". All you have to do is say SOMETHING to get her attention... then express confidence & a FUN vibe.

    Don't be afraid to switch gears instantly.
    "Open" the girl, then bring up weird, random stuff that most people wouldn't think of...

    Like: "So, question for ya. Have you ever stolen anything in your life? Even as a little kid counts. I remember swiping a pack of gum from the corner store when I was 5. My Mom & Dad discovered that fact & whipped my ass! Lesson learned! How bout you? Candy? Toys? Clothes? What was YOUR 'five finger discount item' when you were a youngster? If you say you've NEVER stolen anything, I'll know you're lying!" Then wink & smile... and wait for her reply.

    Or you could ask her about her baking skills because... (and say) "I really really like cookies. I'm a sucker for a rockin homemade chocolate-chip cookie... think you could hook me?"

    Girls love a guy who is confident, bold, and NOT like every other schmuck.

    The great thing about these examples is, they demonstrate that you're not afraid to let your guard down & reveal something personal about yourself, before you ask her something personal about herself.

    It shows you're willing to be open & drop your own defense shield. (Which makes it much easier for a girl to drop HERS.

    AND... it throws out a qualifier for her to answer, and in a fun way.

    Don't over-think things.
    "Pickup" is REALLY all about learning to be confident in social situations. There's not much more to it.

    Need one on one private coaching? PM me for details.

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