Okay as you all know as I have said before I have a GF. But again she tells me about the guys she is dating since we just met obviously she is not going to try and make things exclusive for a while. So I am just going with the flow and when I tried to break up with her she was like "no, no I haven't given up on you yet."

However she has been becoming distant likely because I need to ramp up the escalation and slowed it down too much which is why I plan on a make out and groping her next time I see her at the next concert we are going to. Me and her have a lot of stuff planned but last time I saw her at her work she was distant again walking away so I figured she didn't deserve a concert next weekend but I got her a ticket for a different concert.

So I decided "what the hell?" and hit up this chick on FB about going to this concert with me since my GF was not deserving that much attention right now due to the Freeze Out.

Well I don't know what happened but me and girl #2 were talking about the concert last night and I was playing it fast and loose so I was like "you going with me or not? I need to know" she said maybe. Then today she hits me up for a for sure answer she wants to go. So on my way to get her ticket for girl #2 I stop by to get my hair did.

Haircut Pick Up
So I walk in and another HB9 greets me at the door. All my girls are HB9's but the HB10's are my kyrptonite and they hate me Anyway I walk up and confident as ever and introduce myself. I figured she would be cold cuz she looked stuck up but she proved me wrong and we had a great convo.

I disqualified her off the bat and I was afraid she would lose interest but she asked what I was doing today so I was honest and told her buying a concert ticket for my date. I let her know I meet a lot of girls and a girl's name is very important since you say it a lot I wouldn't date someone with a name I don't like. She was like "so what other names are not okay?" Lol I thought here she is qualifying herself to me after I thought for sure she would lose interest.

So I asked her if she likes to party and she said yes. I got to tease her that she takes too long and that she never works which she was smiling and giggling a lot. I got positive IOI's from her and she said I was looking super fresh afterwards and said I should come there from now on. I hate closing Hired Gun/Working Females off the bat so I played the Long Game again and didn't close her.

But I plan on going back and telling her I want to party with her and will invite her to go to a concert with me.

Validation Technique
Dating is great but my thing right now that chicks have been eating up lately is inviting them to concerts. Because we usually get wasted and chance for a hotel or crash at their place there is tons of opportunity to hookup so I am finding my niche right now that chicks dig concerts and they keep saying yes! I think my hair stylist wants to date me and for sure I want to date her. Also my GF's friend also wants to attend a concert with me so including her I have about 3 girls for sure that want to go to concerts with me! Wow I sure do love sarging but man I am becoming so effective lately my time is spent dating instead of going out on the prowl. Just thought I would share! Got a concert with girl #2 next weekend. Will let you guys know how it went if it is good.