So I tried to actually go out and do something today.

I was in the library and saw a cute girl down the aisle of books. I walked up to her, passed her, pretended to see some books (I know, I shouldn't have), and then walked back to her when I saw her taking photos of a book with her phone. I said to her "that's silly, why don't you just check the book out, it's free." and I smiled. She just said "okay" and I walked away.

NOW... after that, I kind of got hyper and walked up to another girl who actually worked in the library. I just asked her "are any of the rooms available to check out?" and she said "okay let me look" and then I said "well I was just asking, maybe for some other time. thanks" and I walked away.

I feel my heart beating faster, I get a little anxiety and just don't know how to keep it cool, calm, and collected. I WANT to try this again some other day but mann - what do I do??