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Thread: How to approach a girl if I Hate small talk! Want a serious conversation!

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    Exclamation How to approach a girl if I Hate small talk! Want a serious conversation!

    Being not able to easily start a fun interaction or a small talk with a stranger is the problem of a lot of the modern society men. We are taught to be like that, this way is better for governments, police, church, easier to control the society.
    Unfortunately, attraction is in the absence of logic, in childishness, in playfulness, in fun, the things that create emotions.
    We are attracted by the older parts of our bodies that dont have a language. Language is in the neocortex - the very new part of our brain, that is not responsible for attraction.
    * 1: You cannot attract by simply logical conversation
    * 2: it doesnt matter what you talk about if you invoke emotions in her. Any kind of emotions, the stronger the better, since emotions shut down her conscious mind and shift her into animalistic state where you talk with your bodies. You dont even need to talk about anything if you can create emotions.

    Do you talk about science, philosophy, psychology, politics, religion during sex? NO. Talking about these thing wont get you there either. Then again, you can talk about it if you know how to deliver energy, emotions, and get you outside of her social frame.

    Here is 2 mind shifting exercises for you:

    1. Dont say anything. Use your hands body, objects around you, and let her know this way that she is attractive and you want to have a date (or sex, if you feel adventurous) with her.

    2. Talk to her in a language she doesnt understand. I normally say: "I just had a conversation about nonverbal communication and that words carry only 10% of the message. Do you agree? Lets have a short experiment. Talk to me in a language that I dont understand, and I will talk to you in a language that you dont understand. And then lets see if we could guess the message. But the message must be really strong". (If she doesnt speak anything foreign, proceed alone).
    Then you give her a description of how you would take her home and had wild sex with her in details. See if she could guess. Dont be afraid to tell her you were talking about sex with her, since this is the strongest message and she should have been able to get that.

    Both instruments give you plausible deniability for touching her, thus Kino Escalation.

    The second routine is like a nuke for her brains, use with caution!!

    Wear protection,

    Johnny Maddick

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    Default Re: How to approach a girl if I Hate small talk! Want a serious conversatio

    thankyou soo much! I believe my body language is why I haven't had much success with "zero value game" (gunwitch method) I forgot how powerful body language is at introducing different "states" into a womans mind. I will be sure to Field Test this.

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