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Thread: Help Needed.

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    Loga23 Guest

    Default Help Needed.

    Aight so basically here's the main point's to cut a long story short.

    - Known who she was for about 1 1/2 years.
    - Known her for about 3 months.
    - Already kissed but when we were both drunk.
    - Number closed through Facebook.
    - Never spoke on a phone call & we only talk when i send the first text message & we went up to 4 weeks without talking until i finally reached out again but she's always interested in my texts but only responds when theres a question to be answered.
    - We've been on 2 dates but haven't kissed on those dates (To a bar & the movies).
    - Recently, she started flaking out (2 days in a row). First excuse was she wasn't up for going out & second was she was out of town for the weekend.
    -Also, she has a very close friendship with two girls & everything revloves around them. It's always we this, we that.
    - Most important point is we don't live in the same city. About 30 minutes apart & only get to see each other about twice a month or 3 times at most.
    - Lastly, she puts on a front around me. Ive seen her dance & drink in a club but when we went to a bar she refused both & puts on im a good girl front.

    & i forgot to mention, the hard thing for me is that i kinda devolped feelings for her. So it's difficult for me to go days without texting & etc. But i dont know how she feels at all.

    Now, my question is what's the deal with her? Why is it i always have to start the communication? & is she getting bored or playing a game? Just need some advice on what ya'll think i should do.

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    Default Re: Help Needed.

    Im my opinion this is what happened. First off you went on two dates after you or her traveled 30minutes. Thats a decent effort for whoever traveled and if there is no escalation or kissing thats a problem. She isnt going to see you as a romantic interest if you arnt doing anything about it on the dates you had. Also you are doing something to make her uncomfortable if she doesnt want to drink and let go around you when she does it with others. Girls are sensitive about feeling like they are being judged so you may want to pay attention to how you react about things she does.

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    Loga23 Guest

    Default Re: Help Needed.

    Yeah, i really appreciate that man. I kinda thought the same thing. So what do you suggest i do? try one last time to get a date & then do my best to escalate it?

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    Default Re: Help Needed.

    get more dates with more girls. thats what you should do. Make her chase you instead of the other way around.

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