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Thread: ZAP!

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    djAndarial Guest

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    finished the zap method course and I love it. Zap is by Hon Wong.

    Reminds me of Slater's work from the 1950's

    noblenada's recording

    I did not use zap for this session.

    I finished a for entertainment stage hypnosis party tonight, 3 people under one was hyper-suggestive.

    I have the video I need to edit it down from 32 minutes.

    Started with the arm levitation then the arm drop induction and deepener.

    Followed by fractionization multiple deepening sessions around 7 minutes of that.

    Then reafferming the sleep command.

    Then I changed truths at the snap of my fingers. the paper is white, then it was red.

    Followed by the orgasm pleasure gun.

    Then I had him forget the session

    Followed by him watching the video...

    He was a psychology Major, to say the least he was blown away.

    I ended everything with having him feel rested and relaxed like he had had a 30 minute powernap and felt like he could sleep soundly.... it was late LOL

    Did I mention I have it on video?
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    Instinct Guest

    Default Re: ZAP!

    uhmmm..Can we see the video? ( I feel like a begging child..)

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    djAndarial Guest

    Default Re: ZAP!

    Editing Hypnosis Video you youtube love my mac first time using imovie

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    djAndarial Guest

    Default Re: ZAP!

    This is how much I rock.

    I can do this and much more a lot faster, we were working on smoking issues which is why we went way way way way under in trance.

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    Default Re: ZAP!

    posted for djAndarial


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