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    Macaco Guest

    Default Monkey takes a dive

    I apologize if this isn't the right forum for this but I guess I'm just really confused about game in general. I don't really have a problem with approaching people or talking to people but I'm getting the same effect over and over and it's happening too much for it to be coincidence.

    I went to lunch today with my BFF who had gamed two girls into buying him lunch (snuck in myself) and when I sat down I could see the Tension in the girls and that they were stand offish towards me.

    Now I'd never spoken to them before and they were mad that I didn't remember them, but I found out afterwards that they didn't like me because I used to flirt with a friend of theirs at the gym while at work.

    I understand jealously, but it seemed like from what he was telling me, that it was down right berate-ment. Like the girl they were talking about asked me if I was a ninja because she saw me doing Parkour, so I remember very jokingly saying oh yeah. Didn't you see me? I was in ninja assassin. And these two girls were making fun of it like I thought I was a real ninja.

    I guess the main point of this: is that I am getting a lot of people who are angry at me, when I don't even know who they are, and the hippy in me doesn't really get why.

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    Default Re: Monkey takes a dive

    how old are you? and what the fark is BFF? are you paris hilton or something to use those gay ass terms?

    dont be paranoid. the world is not out there to get you. Maybe you had bad luck, maybe you didnt knew how to stir things in your favor.

    BTW is they were "mad" about that ninja story you are better without them. Its not like you deceitfully lied your way into bed with her friend, in fact it was a pretty stupid story.

    sorry if im coming accross as an asshole but sometimes we need tough love to be able to succeed.

    edit: forgot to give you material suggestion

    anything by DAVID DEANGELO and Stealth Attraction. also conquer your college.
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    djAndarial Guest

    Default Re: Monkey takes a dive

    I'm stuck on the BFF thing.....

    what....the...hell.. ... LOL

    That is a very effeminate statement that I would never use....

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