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    Default Attraction lost ?! my flirting seem stale

    PUA TO AFC – Serious help.. Mindfucked to max

    OK so I been chatting to this girl for a while.. we f closed first night.. but don’t think it was intended.. she came across as a good girl but I called her a good girl in bed and teasesd and she changed her mind..

    4 weeks later we have been texting, chattin on phone, hangin out, French kissin but no sex !

    Here is a recent convo.. ( from short to long fuse):
    (Shes on a night out with work and im at home from work. She had bad time night before with guys trying to force alchol down her throat, we chatted bla)

    Her: at kmpg party , they played thong song, talk diry, big butts, nigga in paris (monkeyface) and all the ceo are here
    Me: Ha sounds like your in aquum (a club we both know) The dj def has an ass fetish
    Her LOOOOL I know
    Her: send s pic of co workers
    Me :boysss .. is that david and Kwame? Not a real jam till they play IGNITION
    Her: oh already done. That was the first song babe.
    Me see old ppl kno how to have fun too (wink).
    Her: two videos of her ceo and workers doing karoke( rapping)
    Me: lol is that Eminem, get in there! The mic is callin, damn I t is callin me right now.
    Her: that guy is a partner
    Me: ha your company is either hood or secretly from brixtion
    Her: Good ( what a pathetic reply). Sends 2 pics of her night out
    Me: work friends, your no more the wallflower. (send a peez pic- said remember these bad boys)
    Her: lol waiting (this is like 5 hrs later at 5 in morning..( don’t really kno what she meant)
    Me: day 4, how ya feelin

    Her: soo not good.. soo hungover I cant even tell u
    Me: (send this pic of minion chair that hugs you) This is what u need..

    She has seen this message and still not replied.. no biggie.. but u can see the messages are not fun or bouncy …

    I have 3 issues 
    The sex thing
    Texting game back to fun.. its alright i get lols but banter seem gone
    Do she like me still ?

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    Default Re: Attraction lost ?! my flirting seem stale

    No flirt, no underskirt.

    .................... .................... .................... ................

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    Default Re: Attraction lost ?! my flirting seem stale

    Yeah... You seemed to be building a bit more rapport instead of flirting with her through her time sending you pix. She was seemingly receptive. So not negative but you were going no where. No where in there did you put your intent out there or pushed the flirting to be challenging and interesting. If you didnt want to talk about her party then change the subject to something better. Lead. Your idea as flirting as far as i can read is more about showing off rather than having her question things even if it was for a moment. No where in there did she make things about you in the conversation or really seem to invest in the things you were saying. Its not that you seemed desperate--its more like you seemed like a friend asking about her day trying to keep up with her by just adding remarks instead of challenging her to one up the videos of the party like daring her to step up to a challenge that you are calling her out on. Learn to flirt. Less rapport.

    As for sex--you put yourself out there? You lead? You flirt? You stand out? If no then its pretty clear you should reconsider your game.

    Lastly she's not gonna hit you up just cuz you guys had sex or youre friendly. Intiate and put your personality out there so she can't ignore it.
    Every moment counts, get out of your head and enjoy it.

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