I used to be a nice, shy, and quiet AFC. Then the most amazing transformation happened.

I started the PUA biz in 2008. Number Close here and a lay there, but something was wrong. I wasn't framed right. I still wanted everything to come up roses and I never released expectation of the outcome. As it is now 2010, something inside me has come together. I no longer act as if I don't give a damn about what happens when I talk to women.

I really DON'T give a damn what happens.

Now, stay with me here...since this attitude change, women constantly get the DDB in their eyes. The first few times I didnt know how to handle it. I now know, looking at the situations in retrospect.

Now, I don't recommend this to anyone, but here's what I do to frame myself:

1. I am an asshole
2. I don't care what these women think about me
3. I say what I want when I want, so effing what
4. I think every woman wants me to take them to the bathroom for a good time
5. If they don't like me, there's another woman that will
6. Me and my boys are here for a good time, no matter what the women think of us

Now, this works FOR ME. I won't pretend to know that this will work for you. If you want to try it, fine. Be prepared to have drinks thrown in your face, get slapped. get into a fight with the BF, and spew large amount of profanity-laced insults. This is how I have fun. If you have fun, it doesn't matter what you say to women. Your ATTITUDE is what is key.