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    TheStig Guest

    Default My first run this weekend need sum help.

    Ok guys im heading to a party this weekend and i know that there will be lots of girls there, about 25 and about 10 males so u wud think i wud b a shoe in to get at least one (hopefully).

    However i think that maybe i could get a couple of numbers if i play my cards right. As u can probably tell by the title of this thread this is going to be my first run using the skills that this forum has taught me. Is this a good idea or am i jumping in the deep end to quickly?

    Also if you could give any openers as i will obviously need a few if im going to be talking to this many women even if you could just give me ones that seem to have the best success rate that would be very helpful.

    Im nervous and excited about the prospect of getting out there and talking to so many attractive women so all advice is welcome. Thanks guys!

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    Default Re: My first run this weekend need sum help.

    I would advise not being TOO pick up-ey. Instead try to just be a cool fun guy and work on your conversation skills and how to generate attraction IF you get a girl isolated. Hrm.

    I would listen to this:Instant Attraction & Bombing Runs | Pick Up Artist Forum Blog

    And watch this:Stealth Attraction Video | Pick Up Artist Forum Blog

    Let me know if you need more information or help. (I have some unreleased stuff)

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    TheStig Guest

    Default Re: My first run this weekend need sum help.

    Thanks Bill much appreciated. ill check those links out and work on ur tips.

    thanks again.

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    Tony Max Guest

    Default Re: My first run this weekend need sum help.

    If you come across as a "player", you get no play. Release all expectation of the outcome of each interaction. Smile as you talk. As for openers, canned openers are ok, but a simple "Hi. How are you?" Is just as effective. Stack into an interesting, possibly funny, dhv story (I hate the word "routine"). Just have fun. Your attitude will flow, and things will be as they should. Be yourself, but better. You times 10. HAVE FUN! You'll do great!

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