Hey guys, I'm new here and still learning the ropes but something I want to get good at is subway opening/approaching.

I take the subway home from work every day and consistently (read daily) see tons of beautiful women. I always seem to wuss out when it comes to approaching them, mainly because I'm not sure how to open; how to open a girl already on the train, how to open a girl who just got on the train, sitting down, standing up, etc.

I feel like you should be making an approach within the first few moments of spotting her but I get caught up in thinking of what to say. I toss around the idea pf asking for directions or the time but I don't think I'm convincing enough to seem like I might actually be inquiring about those things. Even after that, I would have no idea how to transition into a Number Close.

Every missed opportunity eats away at me, maybe I just have a skewed perception. If anyone could point me in the right direction or suggest a possible opener I would really appreciate it!