Recently I see how a lot of people ruin themselves just because they take some advices to literally or not understanding them.

As all our actions towards the outer world are justified by our inner thoughts, it is very important to develop strong beliefs and inner game.

Not truly believing in yourself will affect not only your game with girls, but your whole life. This is a thing which is easily noticed (especially by girls).

There is no use of openers, routines and shit test response lines if you don`t believe in what you are saying.

I would like to give some examples how bad understanding of some concepts in the PUA community makes your game harder.

Shit tests

Most guys think that they should have a special answer for every shit test. That this really is a test. Wrong. You are a high value man and you are testing a girl if she is good enough for you.

Think of shit tests as ioi. That`s what they actually are. If you were a low value AFC a girl will not even bother to test you. Actually I see shit tests as the way of a girl to prove herself that I am that good as it looks.

Being bitchy

I really do love furious woman and I do not understand why someone would take a woman talking "shit" seriously.
Just as shit tests, handle it as an IOI. Approve her or do not bother to give attention.

Just flip her frame with yours by showing how positive you are.

Giving to much attention to girls

Not having stuff to do is a display of lack of inner interests, which is really low value. Do not always be online for a girl.

A week ago a chick texted me in the messenger that she may be near my place and she would be glad to have a walk with me if I am free.
I did not bother to answer, since I was in a cafeteria with two hot babes, which "tagged" me with them in facebook.
The questioned girl obviously saw the tag, since she asked me if this was the reason for me to not respond, but her interest raised a lot since than.

Simple said: I was not a lousy b*tch that gets overly affected when a girl texts him. Doing this would be dlv by itself, chatting on the phone when you have babes around is stupid.

This are my told`s, which I wanted to share.