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    Default how do I be the "different guy"

    Ok this is one of my first post so it might not be great. But I have a question to ask. When i'm out with my buddies at a party and I see this very hot chick(10) and she knows that she is hot. And every guy tries everything they got to hit on her. I see like 5 guys just go up to her and just hit on her. How do I be that different guy when I talk to her. Should I just not talk to her and wait to make eye contact or what? i'm new to this.

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    Default Re: how do I be the "different guy"

    Usually in this kind of situation, I just wait. Let other guys hit on her but keep an eye on her. Make eye contact if you can and hold it. After 3 seconds, make a face that says," who's this weirdo looking at me?" You know one where your eyes are squinting and you brow is raised. OR a classic is to make a funny face, like sticking your tongue out at her (the way you used to do as a kid). If she gives you a smile, smile back but roll your eyes. If she doesn't smile, laugh and roll eyes anyway.

    Now you can do two things, pick up your phone to show your friends a funny thing, go back into their conversation... Anything to give her a bit of cold shoulder. This is if your having dinner with your bros or whatever. You came in to hang with them so make it seem like that is your priority. Unless this is a straight up club situation. Then you should approach and make fun of her for not returning your funny face... "I thought you coulda been a fun girl" etc...

    If your doing the first option (just hanging with your boys), get near to her for whatever reason but don't approach. You have more time to work in this situation, so make her "suffer" a little thinking will he/won't he approach me.

    Anyway, go near her for whatever reason... Pass her to go to bathroom, or to get a drink but don't engage. Then, on your way back you can stop near her (check phone or text somebody) then look up, see her and engage. In this scenario, you can just start talking as if you know her already. If you got nothing better, you can mention right off the bat that you wanted to meet the weirdo making faces at you )be as funny with it as possible. Also, if you see my thread, first post, you can use funny pics from your phone as well.

    Hope it helps!

    Edit... If she's sitting at the bar and you go to get a drink, you engage by just talking to her as if you know her. Spend a few minutes there and tell her you're here with friends, so you don't have time. Then tell her to give you her number. This is more powerful if you do it close to the time you're leaving. So judge accordingly. Oh and here's a bonus, bring up in your conversation that you're not sure but she might be one of those lonely girls who dress up and go out just to get attention. And she prob can't find a great guy like you because you're rare.
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