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    Default Practical ways to setup a "false" time constraint

    I really like the idea of a false time constraint from the Mystery Method. Where it's a "Hey guys, I only got a moment and need to get back to my friends. But want a quick female opinion on something..."

    As I do believe it helps to relieve Tension you might not necessarily be forever. However sometime this can be hard to do in smaller venues. Such that you could literally just be walking across the room and she sees that your friends are in sight and that you approached her.

    Or times you are gaming alone because you are waiting for your friends or wingmen. So it would be obvious there no friends around in the vicinity.

    Any other practical ways to state this? Giving the same feeling of the False time constraint without it being a "Have to get back to my friends." (What friends? You only have one wingman right there who is talking to another girl.)

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    Default Re: Practical ways to setup a "false" time constraint

    Don't over-analyze everything. You don't have to say you're "gonna get back to your friends..."
    You can say ANYTHING.

    Like, "I can't stay long"... or "I'm not gonna stay long, but..." or "I only have a moment right now"... etc.

    It doesn't matter if the girl sees you walk over from the other side of the room. That's NOT an issue. Just don't be like the typical schmucks who come over to "buy her a drink", and then hit her with a barrage of questions about work or school.

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