A female friend of mine told me this pick up line which, I don't know about you guys, but it was new to me and I actually liked it alot (note that, I only use pick up lines after we have spent a while talking and when one gets distracted by someone else and u wanna restart the conversation, plus I think they are funny and I chose the lamest one, mostly "sooo... come here often? But in general, I never use pick up lines when I approach!
So the pick up line is :You go to a girl, flip a coin and say: "what are my chances of getting a head?" As I said it was new to me, tho some of uz might of heard it way back!
The best place to use this one is at house parties or friends gatherings where u might meet a girl. U do whatever you have to do to start a conversation with her and use this! Note, do not sound like ur expecting anything, or dont look like a pervert! Just say it in a playful/ funny manner.
IF she says "fuck you and walks off", u just laugh and say "oh I just asked a math question, what did ya think i meant?" and just laugh. Do not follow her or apologize.
If she doesn't get what u really mean and say 1/2, u flip it and if u get a head u say " Score", or if u get a tail say "Damn".
If she says "next to zero", flip it and if u get a head say "u were wrong" and if you got a tail say "oh shattered!"
Don't think this can get her to give ya a head, but it can lead to dirty talk via msn and text later on! If she goes along with it, or laughs, or says something dirty back which indicates she can take jokes, you can later one send her miss-leading text messages which can easily be found on internet!
PS. If she goes along with the joke, you can say "i wonder what tail stands for then?". I said to a set of 2 (who were friends with a few of my friends) and one said "probably anal!" which you can turn around saying "so its a win-win situation for me/ a guy!"
Its all part of cocky funny method!