Wow so last night I went to the bar with a couple of friends you know trying to get that before Halloween pre party affect lol so anyway we walk into this bar and something new popped into my head to try so I decided why not give it a shot so I scanned the room for a girl who caught my eye so I went up to her and she was looking away at the time and I said hey miss I'm gonna need to see your id she got freaked out and said what for I'm 23 they checked it at the door I told her that I would need to check it out one for time. She slowly handed me her id I grabbed it and I told her this is fake she gasped and said it isn't at all I told her it is a fake this says you have brown eyes when you really have beautiful hazel eyes she smiled and got that it was all a way for me to talk to her I then asked her if her and her friends wanted to join us and I got her number and was able to have a good time with everyone