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    Room409 Guest

    Default I Need Some Help

    So thereís this girl thatís caught my eye. And I honestly donít know how to go about approaching the situation because hereís the deal. I see her only on Fridays, I guess are time tables are somewhat the same, and sheís always by her self. I donít know her name or anything about her except for the fact that this girl takes the same city bus I do and gets off at the same stop I do so sheís obviously seen me. And weíre the only two that really get off at this stop.

    Now I donít know how to start a conversation with her because, well Iíve never said anything to her before. I try to make eye contact but sheís always looking at something else or distracted , to far away ectÖ. I sometimes see her in the commins on Fridays using the computers but never know what to do. How would I go about approaching her or stopping her in the halls/commins without being weird? or even on the bus.

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    bonsai Guest

    Default Re: I Need Some Help

    Make eye contact. Then use an opener I've used. Approach her and say "You know what? It sucks that I see you here every Friday and still don't know you yet. You seem friendly/fun/cute (whatever fits)." Wait for reaction, and then introduce yourself.

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    Default Re: I Need Some Help

    a small variation of ^^

    hey i see you around all the time and i havent met you.

    or cocky and funny

    are you following me?

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    Room409 Guest

    Default Re: I Need Some Help

    Well... did'nt see her all day. Then guess who walks up when i'm waiting to get on the bus to go home? yep, its her, me and my buddy look at each other like what was i gunna do next? i froze, did nothing and now feel like a total tool!!! dammmnn itt. aa has the best of me.

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    tamballica Guest

    Default Re: I Need Some Help

    Attitude is the most important here! So, don't be shy, go and introduce yourself.

    Good luck

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    Coyote Guest

    Default Re: I Need Some Help

    think about something you have always done from the first time she would have seen you and that you do on every such occasion....

    make sure you do it every time
    (make sure it is positive or can be reframed as positive)

    you are maintaining a consistancy with her so that she knows you aren't a freak

    say hi to her once she falls in step with you........

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    Verbalcody Guest

    Default Re: I Need Some Help

    I love the weekends its a perfect place for 'Smile... it's friday' and then sit right next to her

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    Coyote Guest

    Default Re: I Need Some Help

    just put yourself there...... smile. you already have really.
    keep doing what ya been doing all along.
    like, she hasn't reported you a pervert for what you are thinking no one knows what we think unless we CHOOSE to disclose that. the guilt is shit mate.

    you are a man. there is only beauty in doing what a (gentle)MAN is supposed to be doing. and you have made no negative moves.... only frozen from being proactive

    just try a little thing. melt her a little with a bit of warmth. a caring or friendly gesture.

    she might be waiting for a gentleman. you might never get to give her your life story. a smile is cool start and what's she gonna do???? brand you a sex offender for smiling because its a nice day..... or maybe she even makes you smile. some chicks i cant help but grin when i run into em.

    chicks rock

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    Room409 Guest

    Default Re: I Need Some Help

    Thanks for the help guys, i will deff use some of this stuff.

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    Coyote Guest

    Default Re: I Need Some Help

    tell us how ya go


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