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    Kheaven Guest

    Exclamation MPUA (Master Pick Up Artist)

    MPUA-Master Pick Up Artist

    I was curious to find out which methods of seduction work best when paired side-by-side since I use Mystery Method along with Stealth Seduction which works wonders for me, and if any PUAs or PUAs IT could recommend researching a new method and if they've field tested a certain method that they would recommend me trying.

    Example of MPUA

    -Mystery Method (Attract > Comfort > Seduce) / Stealth Seduction

    -The attraction part in the Mystery Method comes from being indirect in the way that you make an observation or run routines in which it DHVs while Stealth Seduction's means of attraction is to do and say thinks in which the HB observes you and basically force her to assume positive things rather than presenting the positive attribute.
    -The comfort part in the Mystery Method consists of Connection, Trust, and Intimacy in which you do routines or act out a persona such as cf Sh1t. Stealth Seduction builds comfort by doing things tongue and cheek and doing the Irresistible A55hole way of saying things.
    -The portion of seduction in the Mystery Method calls for Arousal, Last-Minute Resistance, and Sex which is done through climbing up the Kino Ladder. Stealth Seduction uses micro-escalation in order to create the sexual tension that you want in your conversation with the HB.

    *Point of Examples: I Mix Up the Methods In Various Ways*
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    Kheaven Guest

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