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    needtohaveitnow Guest

    Default i need advice on body language now

    Can anyone tell me what it mean if a girl sits opposite you with her legs together, not crossed, and one foot is laying on the top of her other? Well actually toes of one across the toes of the other foot but both heels still separately on the ground. So the left foot is flat on the ground and the right foot is half across it and half still on the floor.

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    bonsai Guest

    Default Re: body language

    ...dude, you're tedding out.
    Don't overthink. You won't know if she's into you because her feet are at a 20 angle with the toes separated and she's making circles with the tip of her shoes. Just talk to her.

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    PT-Swagger Guest

    Default Re: body language

    bonsai is right, dont worry about her body language to give you a signal to approach. u should know what you want in a woman and if you get that " i need to talk to her" feeling, just jump right in. The worse thing you can do is feel pressured to approach, you dont have to if you dont want to, dont beat yourself up because you hesitated. If you insist on relying on body language think of how you will react if you were in the vicinity of a woman you desired, then put that in context to any woman your focused on at the time. but the best advice i can give is dont worry about body language always assume she wants your body, and she will be thankful to know a man like me.

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    needtohaveitnow Guest

    Default Re: body language

    well, just out of interest really. I cant find this mentioned anwhere.

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    TheresNothingToIt Guest

    Default Re: body language

    You need to approach her and spend the time talking to her. Take small quick glances at her body language, but mainly her upper body. Like if she's leaning towards you or not. The feet thing could be a comfortability deal (as well as the way she leans) but she's opposite of you. More than likely her legs were covered by a table of some sort, so how did you get that far without looking weird? Stop over analyzing it and relying on her body language so much. Go through the steps such as getting her comfortable with your touch. Maybe she's just nervous so her body language isn't yet what it would be once she loosens up a little.

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    rezn8 Guest

    Default Re: body language

    Seriously, You will save yourself a great deal of heart ache if you will do this one thing: Don't try to decipher what girls are thinking or why they do the things they do.

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    StreetLight Guest

    Default Re: body language

    BUT.... if you DO want to desipher:
    legs together: CLOSED ACCESS
    left foot on ground: left means emotions, she KNOWS what she feels, grounded at that department and not intending to move
    right foot up: right means action, not going to do any action to somehow contribute to the situation

    doesn't really helps you, BUT you can also read it that way
    legs together (NOT crossed): wants to open up but SHY, wants you to try and open
    left foot on the ground: grounded emotionally
    right foot up: wants SOMEONE to make an action and move her


    well I can continue but I guess my point is the same, it's how YOU see it... see everything as an ioi, she's ALWAYS attracted to you, that's Inner Game

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