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    G Slick Guest

    Default Company Party Scandal

    hey guys this is post numero uno, i'm gonna lay down the scenario and hope someone can be of assistance.

    so i have a company party on saturday and i'm pretty excited. i work with a few hot women and i know with a fierce certainty this one girl in particular has a thing for me. now my question is this, should i invest time in her knowing she'll probably put out, or sarge the remaining hotties and work for some #'s and timebridges and use the jealousy factor against the first chick??

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    Instinct Guest

    Default Re: Company Party Scandal

    Maybe you shouldn't shit where you eat...

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    bonsai Guest

    Default Re: Company Party Scandal

    Yeah, it's not a great idea to hook up with people from work. If you decide to do it anyways, go for the jealousy, but don't neglect her completely.


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