So next year will be my big 3. Year 3. Year one focus on approaching 6+, getting N-closes, overcome aa. Year 2 approaching 8+, getting N-closes, K-closes, and Day 2's consistently.

I was nearly dateless for a decade.

2 dates from 20-30.
Now since Pick Up 8 Dates in 2 years and my success rate keeps going up and up.

Now that me I am free to focus it's back to the hairstylist. Getting so good I haven't been dateless since Spring and it is Fall.

This Summer I missed a lot. But I am getting prepared now for next Summer blowout. Me and my wing are preparing.

Year 1 goals: Get good at approaching, n-closing, and go on a date with a cougar *Complete*
Year 2 Goals Get a girlfriend, approach 9-10's, sleep in a girl's bed, go on lots of dates *Complete*
Year 3 Goals Get a HB10 Girlfriend, Get laid by HB9+, Approach 50 9-10's. *2015* Year 3 will be the biggest and the hardest to achieve yet! Much mental preparation ahead!!

btw the way I already know 10's love me. It's just they hardball it and hard to keep up. I have a 3 girl HB10 Hired Gun Rotation to run already set for next Summer. One Cocktail Waitress who said she loves me, One HB with fake rack on IG I follow who works at Bar, and one chick I am friends with on FB who works at a new Nightspot. I have talked to all of them before but never actually went "all in" going all in next year.

Also this is why I say MPUA since next year I will start pulling, SNL, and the whole 9 yards. My last 9 called me at 2 am the same night for a hookup but I was too slow on the uptake so now I am with the program!! That was the first ever I want to F-close you N-close and the only chick who ever called me first so clearly saying "I want to F you is very effective" and just barely started trying it out but it has been doing a number on HB 9's and 10's this year. Back to dating the HB9 Hairstylist for now. I'll share my results next year.