Online-not sure why, how, or if it is even important but still it is worth getting out there cuz it is on my mind a lot. As I said I am an MPUA now. I don't come on here for advice anymore but more of to vent or share or help. I still do need advice at times cuz I ain't that arrogant but anyway.

Like I said my Ex was watching my FB like a hawk and cryptically writing stuff about me. Like a blue eyed guy meets a brown eyed girl and there's is a stormy kinda love. Later she told me it was about me which confirmed my initial belief. So I think women due to things like ASD, Iceshields, and fitness testing don't make their feelings public before the guy does something to impress them or blow them away.

So my Ex the day after I met her wrote things on FB like Cinderella lost her shoe or Don't think everyone shares your same passion. I know these things WERE about me I am not questioning me. She was a 9 but now I am gaming 10's like I said. In-field in the Summer and online in my off season. So I am back online gaming this HB10. She liked my photos on IG after I liked her photos. Experiencing my past HB9 I felt her likes on my FB were emotional likes and they were since all Hell broke loose when I blocked her on FB and broke up with her. It was...emotional.

I think this since comments, responses from 9's and 10's are extremely uncommon so I take it as a sign of interest when they like something even if they don't feel that way it still strengthens my frame to presume I am on track.

So anyway the new chick is pulling the same stunt. HB10 liking my photos so I was writing direct comments on her IG and tagging her on my feed. She didn't respond obviously but neither did my Ex only indirectly through riddles like I said. So the HB10 is responding through riddles as well on her IG about me (lucky me) 5,000 followers and she is indirectly talking to me. So I comment on the post and of course, she responds. Not how I would like but generally starting out women don't praise me or applaud my efforts. I was talking about the emotional likes thing. Cuz her post was "Just because I like your photo (she just did that) or comment (pre-planning) doesn't mean I like you it just means I like looking around. I am not a lurker. So relax I ain't tryna holla."

So I said likes are emotional likes and comments are a test. This is my experience with EVERY female I am trying to get at they always treat me as a potential suitor and not a friend. I go forward or go back based upon how I make them feel. Anyway here's what she said..

"No no not at all. I like everything and if it is funny I will comment. You are putting way too much thought into this."

Lol lmao!!! I AM putting way too much thought into this? What about the 10 other guys who called you hot, what about your 5,000 followers, what about the other guys who are helplessly needy towards you that I can clearly witness? She doesn't respond to them but man I am the lucky one being sh!tested. So I broke out A-hole mode. "Huh? What do you mean I am putting way too much thought into this?"

I mean clearly she is trying to assess my value sh!testing me like that and totally confirming what I wrote. She was in denial but acted exactly the way I predicted haha. But why do girls write stuff about me indirectly like that and then deny their feelings that is so confusing. Either way talking out loud doesn't matter what the answer is I decided girls are lucky to have me and rejection ain't a thing to me anymore just saves me time, money, etc. I only put my attention on my successes as I said. Because this chick was responding yet another success and like a little girl she went into hiding again meaning no response which means I WON. I am right. She didn't deny it. Girls only deny you when they shut you down. There is hope even after rejection. I have bounced back many times but a shut down aka leave me the f alone you weirdo definite no rebound. But soft rejections I take as a hint of interest.