Weird Situation Part 2: Online Game

So like I said I find it odd I keep being singled out. Like I said before my Ex was a huge cheater and had 7 side boyfriends but it was still me she was writing cryptic messages to. The only reason I am bringing this up is because it is happening again with the new girl on IG but now it's different this is a 10. At first I was frustrated cuz 10's never talked to me but I have had 2 HB10 giving me lots of attention in the last two days.

So I looked back to see what I was doing differently and really nothing changed.

Until I realized hey I am a Pick Up Artist and the type of person I wanna be good at whether Work, Games, Girls, Dancing, Gym, Tatts, I wanna do my best.

I realized the only difference was I actively decided now was the time I decided I am going to game 10's.

And boom presto now they will not stop talking to me on IG so again back to the I can have attention whenever I want thing.

People think I am imagining things but no.

For instance

Just like I studied the 9 now I am studying the 10. This I think most guys overlook well maybe they are not successful as me (non-PUA's)

So I am studying the 10 after she commented to me. Well the results are astounding. I PINGed her like a badass that I am again cuz I am a PUA.

How? Here are my findings.

Go through 60-70% of her IG and it is pretty sad to begin with. She gets called beautiful, gorgeous, hot, a million times. But it is even more pathetic guys asking her to marry them, date them, like them, please follow them, please say "hi" to them.

It was kinda funny now keep in mind most the guys commenting on her feed are buff dudes so the competition is very fierce and I am not the most built dude but I do attend the Gym.

This one dude wrote something on there that she was working her glutes then he got all butthurt for her not responding. Then he said is even saying hi forbidden? She said "hello" and that right there was the most blatant response. But she mostly does not respond. Btw I thought that was extremely pathetic and you could tell since he was appeased and had nothing to say afterwards what a lameo. She said hi to you dude big farking deal but it made his day that's how hot this girl is.

Anyway other dudes are getting butthurt too cuz she just wrote me a cryptic message and I wasn't shy I was on top of it but she backed off standoff-ish obviously a little nervous are we? Other guys saw her responding to me (she rarely ever responds as I said) and saying "you didn't even respond?" All friggin sad man! Man one for the team! Yep that's right guys saw her responding to me and are getting insecure.

Now when I say she responded go back and read part 1. She like barely ever responds like I said but I am like the one guy out of 5,000 followers and all these buff dudes blowing up her feed I am the one guy who gets sh!tested. She actually wrote the biggest response to me more than any other guy before me.

Yes I am being egotistical here but you gotta see my point in the humor in all this.

I am letting go of the need for a reaction and starting to get a reaction from my best game yet.

I have come on here before saying I cannot game 10's. But now success brings confidence so I am feeling like a killer. I'll update it as it goes along but just wanted to point out me being my own person and speaking my mind made her notice me and question me and get me to qualify myself to her. But instead I threw it back in her face and said huh what do you mean "thinking too much into it" (that irritated me that she was so suggestive) I am just here commenting. So I had some plausible deniability.

So again lucky me now I have a girl watching me like a hawk yet again. I only say it was pathetic since no guys were running any game on her and you could clearly tell the insecurity from their reactions. My game is only being half-assed right now cuz I have lots to accomplish but even my half-assed game is getting me to qualify myself to her.

My feelings before proved correct I had a feeling my Ex was watching my FB like a hawk and she was since when I said something about going out to get chicks she would comment right away and try to sabotage my night to get me to hang out with her.

Same thing here. Guys are all butthurt about her not responding and insecure about not getting any likes from her or attention. But here I am negging her correctly might I add so I feel the results of this is even a higher probability of another response which on her feed is unheard of. So go team me.