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    matt8oy Guest

    Default Day Game! Are you any good?

    Hey all, if you got some day game skill, then please share your knowledge with me

    Im really new to PUA, like new in the sense that I started checking it out 3 days ago and have spent a large part of the past few days on youtube and puaforums and wherever else I can get some more info. So here is a Noob like everyone once was, asking whether you can help with this situation.

    I'm not to concerned about night game at the moment as its only a couple nights per week I'm out and about however I spend the other 5 days at work, at a large gym, in a large shopping centre which see's about 35,000 people per week walking through. BINGO!!! Ladies all day long. And hopefully by improving my skills I will no longer have to sit at lunch and wish I could get some of the girls walking past or sitting a few tables away.

    I just feel i need to have a solid game plan with my approach.
    If anyone can advise on the following few of situations.

    1. Girls who are walking around just hanging out in the shopping centre?
    2. Girls who more than likely work or hanging around in the shopping centre and are in the food court by themselves eating lunch?
    3. Girls who are either working in a shop or are shopping in a shop?

    What would be some good openers to try in these situations and possible transitions, but i'm mainly concerned with the openers, I'm really edging to get out and push my comfort zone but I'm not up for a suicide mission so if you got something I'd like to hear it.



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    Default Re: Day Game! Are you any good?

    Quote Originally Posted by matt8oy View Post
    BINGO!!! Ladies all day long. And hopefully by improving my skills I will no longer have to sit at lunch and wish I could get some of the girls walking past or sitting a few tables away.

    I just feel i need to have a solid game plan with my approach.
    If anyone can advise on the following few of situations.
    Hi Matt,

    First off - great choice on going after day game. I am certain that anyone with any shred of skill at day game will just KILL it at night game. I know my game REALLY got solid once I decided to make day game a priority.

    OK. Try being more direct during the day.

    Walk up to a woman and say - "hey listen, I just had to stop you and tell you that you are very attractive. I like the way you carry yourself."

    ^ this one takes major balls and may be more difficult to transition from - but you also will learn a ton. I can't tell you what to transition to as it will feel forced if you have a routine. Instead try to just carry the conversation as long as you can. Ask her what she is doing or see if she wants to help you pick out some clothes for your date tonight (lol - when she asks who it is with you could say her... haven't field tested that one).

    You could also ask her to help you pick out a toy for your little sister's birthday. ETC.

    The main thing is to approach and start talking.

    And unlike most 'gurus' I am a fan of the compliment opener.

    Also - make it situational. If you are in line, talk about how long it is taking or about some current event (these work best for me).

    Another point about day game, try to talk to EVERYONE (clerks, workers, strangers, guys, girls, old people, etc). It will get a ton of 'social momentum' rolling and you will find it easier and easier to talk to anyone.

    Good luck man.


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    matt8oy Guest

    Default Re: Day Game! Are you any good?

    Thanks for that BP, Cheers for the quick response,

    I actually had an awesome day today at a statewide training session through work cause we about 18 different sales teams throughout the state. Had some really beautiful girls who I've seen before but never approached, although easy to approach given todays situation, I managed to get a lot out of em and definitely a few ioi's. Im starting to feel much better about walking into the room and saying to myself "before the day is done i'm gonna talk to her and I know it's going to go well" =)

    Now just gotta get some day game practice, thanks for your advice!


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    TheresNothingToIt Guest

    Default Re: Day Game! Are you any good?

    Here's some things I have learned by working where customers walk through daily. This eased me a lot because I was forced to provide customer service, which means talking to everyone. Guys, Girls, Kids, Grandmas, etc. You learn ways to open up a lot and the biggest one while working is "How is your day going?" and it really goes far from there. I've ran register and had people stay and chat with me for almost a half hour after their purchase! The only thing I say to everyone in my line is "how is your day going?" and even the people before them hear me ask this question. Everyone always has an answer though! The best is if someone was having a rough day, the next person usually comments on it. Jokingly you can start off that person with "wow, *smile* hope your day is going a little better than that persons *quick laugh*" and it shows you have a sense of humor.

    BP made some great points but here's a few extra tips for the food court. I also worked in a place that had a food court so I got to learn by watching other peoples day game in action (this is the best way to learn body language and you can clearly see from a distance whether it's going good or bad) so you pick up a few yes actions and no actions. Now everyone is different so some may work for others and some may not. It's trial and error. The main thing is: one turn down doesn't have to HOLD YOU DOWN. It needs to teach you for the next time around.

    So you see a girl in the food court you can do what BP said and let her know that you couldn't go through your day without telling her she's a very attractive woman.

    You can also grab yourself a bite to eat. Check for a table open close to hers before you get your food so that you can walk up to it with ease once you get your food and it doesn't look like you planned it out. While you're sitting next to each other, glance in her direction. If she's looking somewhat in your direction it'll be easy to start conversation. The quickest way to do that is by asking what she's eating and how it is. From there you can move onto asking her name and engaging conversation based off of how she replies. A lot of the time she may ask in return what you're eating and how that is.

    Now for the girls who are just walking around. This is much trickier, and still, nothing is impossible. My best game for this has came from being an employee. Example:
    Christmas time. This was the best! We sold mistletoe and I didn't know (honestly, I was new!) Well we were actually out so I said this (cheesy but she loved it) I said "We actually had to take them off of the shelves because people kept returning them saying they weren't working how they were supposed to. I can look in back if we have any new ones for you, but we should test it before you buy it just in case." With a smile she laughed and let me know that it was unique and she's never heard that one before and agreed that because it was cute and new to her, she would try the mistletoe first (while I was at work!) so I went in back and luckily we had our extra Christmas stock and mistletoe happened to be one of them. So I brought it out and jokingly held it above my head. It wasn't a kiss on the lips, she kissed me on the cheek, but I did get her number. We talked and eventually I got my kiss I was initially looking for.

    This falls under my "It doesn't have to always be sexy" category.

    Now for the non-worker approach...
    I've actually, and I'm being honest, have had little experience in this part of my day game. I have come up with a few things that I've told myself I'm going to try though, and I will share those with you.

    One thing I want to try is (and it's common) the smile when you glance each others way. I'm going to compliment the smile if I get the right opportunity (such as we're in the same aisle we glanced at each other in and we're both looking for something that should be in this aisle) I'm going with something along the lines of "that was a gorgeous smile, can I see it again?" something cute and hopefully it catches her off guard and it makes her smile again without any reply. From there I can probably ask her name. I'd have to put myself in this position to see what kind of reactions I get.

    Another great one is if she has a kid. The kid will more than likely be doing something cute (but this is more risky cause she COULD be taken and it's real likely) but there ARE single moms out there. When you always aknowledge the kid and how cute they are and ask their age, it's always brownie points. Most of the time my customers on register when I do this mention whether or not they're single by how their day is going. It's weird.

    And lastly, always look for the possibility of them dropping something. Pick it up for them and give them a hand by putting it back on the shelf or handing it to them with eye contact. I've done this one once and it worked a lot better than a simple helpful hand would seem. This lady had dropped a coupon and I just happened to notice so I picked it up and said "excuse me, you dropped your coupon" but before handing it to her I checked the product. I can't remember now what it was, but I started conversation on that and where else I had noticed it for a cheaper price than here. Quickly I brought other things into conversation. Nothing extraordinary happened between this girl and myself, but it allowed me to open up more for my day game.

    Hitting on the workers? Oooooh, this one is rough. Not rough as in hard, but rough as in they have a job to do, eventually you're going to have to let them do it. You're going to need to be in line and they're going to have to be helping you to make quick small talk. Remember, it's probably going to be real short and sweet, so don't get upset if she has to walk away or her boss tears her apart for it. However the boss getting upset causes a small laugh between you two and in which you can say "it was nice talking to you" and make a joke about the boss. Again when you're a worker it's easier. Now, I'm a decent looking guy so the girls I worked with at my old job were attracted to me by looks at first. One of them asked for my number one day on my way out the door because she's seen me around and wanted to talk to me.

    Another incident was the girl from the deli department. I always seen her throwing stuff away in back and when I got lunch up front. I went in on my day off in hopes she was working, only this time not to buy anything, but to talk. I was off a few days so quickly she opened up with "hey haven't seen you in a few days, what's been up?!" and moved onto "coming to see me?" in which I quickly replied "of course" and after some small talk, she asked for my number. It's always a 1up working in public with people you're interested in talking to. This way on your day off if you go see them, it shows your interest immediately by visiting them on your day off. When you could be doing better things than going back to the place you have to bust your ass for, right?

    So if you don't work for them, again, small talk. Quick, short and sweet. Smile and show interest with a sense of humor but don't expect the best right away. If you're a constant shopper you'll have a good chance of the "I haven't seen you in a while" thing between you two. Whether she was m.i.a for a few days or you haven't been around, it's possible. If SHE asks, then you definitely want to follow through with it and it's a sure sign that you can more than likely ask for her number and say something along the lines of "maybe we can see a little more of each other by hanging out and getting to talk to one another"

    I'm no pro, obviously I'm on a pickup artist forums for a reason, right? I'm always looking for ways to improve my game and share a little bit of my experience with people. These are just some tips that have helped me thus far. I really hope it works for you.

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