Flash Game: Project Ice Man

How to best deal with an Ice Shield? Become an Ice Man, hahaha. Just thought it sounded good but anyway into to the topic at hand.

I got more time to write because it ain't Summer and anybody who is anybody knows I Game em like candy in the Summer. At least I get numbers like candy but getting better at other things.

So I will be getting a new blog pm me if interested, not out yet but will detail my journeys soon.

I really feel I have something special but anyway there that is yet to be seen for sure.

I am stuck between a rock and a hard place.

I envision myself as some break out dude who lights the place up and having the most fun. High energy sets and off the wall confidence.

I do act out these small epiphanies but usually only in small doses for how I feel for the night.

I have some congruence stuff by Tyler to try out next year. It's don't go in high energy or you will burn, low energy or you will get iced, or normal energy or you will get unnoticed.

My own spin mind but that is the overall gist to go in as yourself and let it be like a slow burn to high energy I understand but also to play with your own state and go in high energy if you feel it, low if you feel that, etc. interesting project will try it out next year.

I don't meet chicks in the Winter so 0 for 0. Go out in the warmer months and met 30 chicks this year. Might double that next year but because my success rate was so high the numbers lost value.

But I feel I missed out a lot this year so going to double my "usual" would be quality approaches next time around.

Anyways on to Flash Game: The New Horizon

Going to be trying it. I mean big bangs, fast PINGs, A-hole negs, you know off the wall confidence stuff. Pulls, Same Night Closes, the works.

But I am going to start with the challenges in this book by Neil Strauss I got Rules of The Game. 30 days of challenges and haven't tried any yet cuz my natural stuff gets me what I want. But I need to push myself so I will try my new openers, new texts, new pivots, and new Pings next year. Should prove interesting!!

2015 Goals?
Bang 9's and 10's
Get a girlfriend and take her to a Summer Festival I already got invited to
Take a chick to my tattoo
Train my wing
Build blog and share my findings

Much to come! I would go out and party but I got a tropical tattoo to get. Working 7 days next week. Save in the Winter and game like a hog in the Summer. The hot chick ratio in the Summer at the Club is like 10 a night and Winter is like 1 a night and nothing but 6's. I don't even "honestly" approach 6's and 7's anymore. I just play them or use them to build state but never even "try" to close them in other words make conversation with no outward intentions.

My flash game plan is to be that guy in my visions, is this possible? I feel not cuz that guy does this crazy stuff like doing "anything" to open good set ie 9 or 10 even if looking weird doing it. Does it feel right? No I like going in strong, hard, or soft but not wild. I cannot do wild. Maybe I must become wild? This is my flash game plan doing "anything" to get a target's attention and then using that set piece attention string to springboard into set when I see my targets given me an ioi.

For example:
The girls you "cannot" open cuz they are slammed at by all the drink orders

The hairstylist who says she works too much and it's freaking awkward to close there

The quality sets leaving the Bar after you stood in line for half an hour and would have to jump out just to talk to them

The Cocktail Waitress who is always fenced in and get like 2-5 seconds with her in the hallway before she disappears

The chicks you are nervous to approach. Let's face it I know now I am gonna get validated by 9's 100% validation this year by them. But 10's my throat tightens up. But going up to THEM with flash game: ice man strategy.

Running after them if a high risk situation, yelling at them if far away, being demanding with them if short on time, stopping at them if passing by and delivering a clever line. Yeah THAT stuff wild I know but I gotta do it and next year even.

Let's face it a 10 called me a Star Prince this year so I feel like I need to live up to my name The Star Prince. It's cuz I make it so natural even when canned I find a way to sync it to my congruence levels or internalize it. So I start practice St. Paddy's Day weather permitting.

So I finished Phase 1 of 3 (Phase 1 was Project Ice Shield) early this year and so Phase 2 begins with a bang next Spring. But the real deal begins Summer 2015. So Phase 1 was my dream car, inner game, and getting validation. Phase 2 is Tatts and banging 9's and 10's. It could last several years since Phase 3 will be my own pad and LTR with a *successful* 10.

You will see the real McCoy next Summer. I have just started to awaken but my senses, pick up artist mastery, maturity, and inner game is growing by the hour.