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omg. You're all freaking hilarious. Forget about Eban Pagan (David DeAngelo). All he knows about chicks is to make fun of 'em and they'll come running. Yah right. Try it. They''ll come running all right but it won't be towards you, it'll be away from you.

Forget about the fear. It's all in your head. Like I said, come back to reality. Where there's reality there's no fear. Fear is completely imaginary.

And the funniest part of all. Forget about her cumming in anything measured in minutes. Think ahead. Months ahead. Spend about fifteen *hours* with her cumming over and over again. What this does is make sure that every one of her friends shags you. Don't even worry about being inside her. Do that like two *days* after you started her cumming. Dude, she'll like sign her life savings over to your Swiss bank account. Are you following?

If your value is high and you're inside her, you just shot your load. You're ready to roll over and sleep. There goes your value. Gone.

You want her cumming for hours or days. THEN you give her the d*ck. Dude, every girl she knows will be pounding your door down for some of that. Capiche?
I don't really think that I have to prove myself, I think people can see that Bill made me a mod cause he knew that I wasn't full of shit. I am at a point where I take people out at least twice a week, and the first hour, is me just proving that I can back up my words. Because, without proof, you are just a salesmen.

David D has years of experience, infield footage, boot camp reviews and experience in the industry. I would listen to him based on his results and experience alone.

So I gave you the benefit of the doubt, and looked you up and I found NOTHING but advertisements with google stock images on them. So, before we go further, can you please back up your talk with credentials? You are on here trying to sell a book, while trying to screw up David's business, right? So just back it up, anything, Infield footage, boot camp reviews, student reviews, pictures of you making out with hot chics. Anything. Show me that you have even been in a night club. Something.

If you deserve my money, then you yourself better sure as hell be able to prove that you deserve it. Before I ever advertise on here, which I haven't I will have at least 20 hours of infield footage showing that I am not full of shit. I am only waiting for a mini camera, a private section in the forum (coming soon i hope!) and someone to video edit my face out, because pick up is a very very tiny part of my income, and I could never do this full time, too much stress.

Back to the point, you gave me shit about my post, show me that you deserve the right to do that.