Hey fellas, I'm new to this forum so not quite sure where to post.

The past 6-8 weeks or so a new girl started working on my shift (I work at a warehouse). We've been working on and off with each other, but we see each other every day and I talk to her every day. I must mention she only has two more weeks to work before going of to study.

We talk and joke a lot, we've also done some Kino every now and then, and intense eye contact. Like my title states, she has a boyfriend.

Anyway, two days ago our company hosted a Christmas party where we both attended. She asked me where I would be on the pre-party, and asked if she could come (even though she didn't know any other people there). I obviously fixed her an invite.

Once at the actual party, many seats were taken so we were sat next to one another, so we spent time eating and talking a lot. We also went out to smoke a looot! (even though I'm not a smoker, I smoke socially, and I find it to be great at socializing).

The night went on, with some small kino, and later that night they moved all the tables and made room for a dance-floor, and we danced "Bugg" quite a lot. I made it clear and showed her I wanted to hold her close, then I pushed her away and made her walk back to me a couple of times.

This is where it gets interesting, after the dance, we went out for a final smoke of the evening. I told her what I found quite sexy with smoking, she asked "what's that?". I filled my mouth with smoke, walked up real close to her face-to-face, and blew smoke in her face very slowly, then "leaned" in further, not very far from her mouth where she said:
"I want to, but I can't; I have a boyfriend".
I then replied with the "goldfish-routine" (if it's even a routine).

Should I have played it differently? If so, how should I have done it?

We then walked in, and sat down in the lounge. She was sat in my knee, where I worked my hand inside the back of her shirt, caressed her gently. She took off a short while after that (she had to work the morning after).

We now keep a conversation going via text (facebook-messenger) where she also added me as a friend. (Does that really matter btw, who adds whom on facebook? Just a thought

Appreciate your time!