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Thread: Denied

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    Default Denied

    The first time I put this off I was in college and it happened completely by accident. My cell was dead so I was using a pay phone. While in mid conversation a HB10 walked up behind me and asked me if I was gonna be long because she had to make a call also. When I turned and saw how pretty she was I was actually caught of guard. Then I thought to myself I'm not letting this girl rush me off the phone just because she's pretty. As if my conversation is less important than hers. I had to wait in line. why can't she? Then she asked again. I Said I'd be rapping up as soon as my change ran out. She looked relieved but then I turned to slip a quarter in to the phone as sneaky and quietly as possible. It dropped and made a really loud noise. When I look over my shoulder she was smiling and looked shocked. Her looks didn't work on me. After I rapped my call I went into the coffee shop. She followed inside once done with her call . She playfully told off and I gave her my side of the event and she found it hilarious. Got her name and her number then asked her what she was having. Thats when she replied she doesn't drink coffee. This girl ended up being a sex buddy of mine throughout college and then some. She even let my fuck her friends. It's all because How I met her. I had denied her. By making her wait and not letting her use her beauty to get her way I had separated myself from the other guys who approached her. In turn She approached me. I found my self denying a lot of girls from that point on and watched my success increase. It's funny how things work sometimes.
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    Default Re: Denied

    And the moral of the story is when you meet women, don't put them on a pedestal (even if and especially if they're hot), and be willing to give/do anything they ask for like it's your job or your duty to do so.

    The hot ones are more used to that kind of treatment, and refusing to comply sets you apart from the rest of the other guys who would do anything for her. The only exception to the rule would be if it is an emergency.

    I think that could be called a compliance test, and you passed with flying colors.

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